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Published 10 months ago
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Ok… here it is… kinda a spoiler. To give more info, I found out one of my friends LOVED receiving long emails from me. I offered to write him a story, and decided I was going to post the chapters that I wrote on here. I will be open for side characters, but I have my main ones already. Also, If you could design some thugs for me… THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Anyways, here is the spoiler… expect like one chapter a month… maybe two… MAYBE THREE! Sorry if its not written very well… I’m not one for grammar… which is completely my fault
(pleads guilty for not studding like I should have)… now I’m in high school and its rough.

Tristan swung his flail in a downward motion, striking the nearest thug across the chest. He then turned to his right, quickly using his fist to knock down another opponent. They where everywhere, and there were by far too many of them, but he still had to break through, he had to get out. He ducked as a wrench seamed to come out of nowhere, threatening to knock him down to a state of vulnerability, and then leapt into a different hall of shadows. Two more men were waiting there, grasping their warehouse weaponry with foolish grins. He spotted another to his left, and then let out a desperate sigh. For the fate of Verland he had to get free, yet the reckless army of city gangs was forming a line, one that only got stronger as the minutes flew by. He refocused his gaze, leapt forward, and swung his own weapon like a hurricane. Though he was not the only one who could bring victory to this island, he knew he had to fight like he was, no matter what happened. The results were not his, only the duty.

Goodbye, ya’ll are in my preyers!
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3 months ago
cool! i made a rap for Tristan. but i might rewrite it as a vigilante rap.

Wassup, I am Tristan
I am known for fighting evil and i'm on this mission.
I got my flail and i'm ready to fight
knock that club out of your hand but your buddy got a knife.
POW POW I drop you both, you are unconcious,you thought i was a joke
well guess what youre waking up in jail 'cause somebody the cops and you heard the sirens wail
so now youre in a dirty cell, and i could care less if you're doing well
because im a vigilante, cleaning up the streets, i'm here to up the ante, and make you taste defeat.
So if youre a criminal, I'm gunning for you, and i will avenge my sister, and you know it's true.

Tristan out.

How did you like it?
3 months ago
... I have never had someone do a rap spin off of one of my stories before
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