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"Kickstart My Heart"
Published 3 months ago
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You could say this day is one of the best days in history, for the Mecabricks, an elite team of heroes was first assembled at this time. You could also say it was the worst, for many reasons. Our heroes are suited up in what will soon become their icon attire. Decked in black in gray, their logo on their left arm. They put on their helmets as they exit a garage. Justy gives the orders.

Justy: Kirb, you take the Striker. Brits’ll go with you. You’ll be doing some reconacense. Help any citizen you see needs it. We've two trucks, they each fit four. Seb and I’ll take one. We’ll search for Babs. Robin, Cold Fire, you take the other and look for Worriz and Cashew. We’ll meet up at the local Saucey House and get some food while we wait for Negachie to show. If you see a bot, kill it. If you see Negachie let us know.

Kirb: What if that guy from earlier shows up, the one with the gun?

Seb: Zap ‘em too I guess. You got lightnin’ powers right, red guy?

Kird: Please never call me that again.

Justy: Ready…1… 2…3…

Everyone: BREAK!!!!

Everyone gets to their assigned positions, the battle has begun.

Kirb and Brits are cruising down a city main street. It’s strangely empty except for every now and then. The Striker’s speakers spitting out the sound of Kirb’s spotify playlist, classic rock. By coincidence, just as the song switches a big flash occurs. A van is heading their way, the driver is a Sebotchie. Kirb does a drift and turns around. Brits sticks his head out the window, his gun in his hand. “Kickstart my Heart” is playing at full blast. The bot fires something from out of the van’s headlights, which are revealed to be secret hatches. Kirb dodges, it was a purple beam of light just as before.


Brits: *Fires back at the van, which also doges* I DON’T KNOW BUT THESE BOTS ARE BLOODY GOOD DRIVERS.

More vans show up, more purple beams get dodged. This process of getting shot at, dodging, then firing back, keeps going on for a good couple of minutes. The cars come to a stop. An army of big guys blocking the way. One picks up the Stricker, the puzzle-piece area of his chest is replaced with a screen. It’s Nagachie.
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3 months ago
Wait, I’m missing now? I was a part of the team already. What happened?
3 months ago
Though the model does look like madness though!
3 months ago
Seb and I’ll take one. We’ll search for Babs. Robin, Cold Fire, you take the other and look for Worriz and Cashew.

A period marks a new sentence. A comma is used in a list. read it again
3 months ago
Oh. . . That actually makes sense. Sorry about that.
3 months ago
The robots can drive now! UH OH!
3 months ago
have they figured out the reverse yet
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