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Published 9 months ago
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Hey guys!!! I decided this week to make all the official Lego figures of the Eternals, so you can use them however you want. Just letting you know that I made some changes to some heads:
I changed Ikaris' head for Bucky's CMF head, I changed Kingo's and Sprite's hairs to versions that I liked more, but for Sersi and Makkari it was for lack of parts, although I prefer this hair for Sersi, this piece is more accurate for the movie version. I know some colors looks a little odd but trust me when rendered it looks a lot better. With that said, I hope you like the figures and if you use it please tag me on instagram @lucas_fanarts_
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8 months ago
Dude these are awesome!
I was planning on making these myself, but snice you've already done it I'll definitely use these and tag you in the post man!
Thanks once again for taking time to make these figures into mecabricks man!
8 months ago
@NRGBrix No problem man!! I hope the figures are very useful for you
8 months ago
@WizardBuilds1 thanks!!! glad you like it
8 months ago
I also like the change you made to Ikaris’ hair. (His official hair color is way too light!)
8 months ago
Nice, bro!
These are incredible!

Keep up the good work!
8 months ago
Cool can I use the prints if I credit you
8 months ago
the real Icarus is so inaccurate especially compared to this one
8 months ago
Amazing work, Lucas!
8 months ago
These look super nice, well done ^^
6 months ago
Me puedes crear cabezas zombis o camisas porfa
6 months ago
hey can you make custom prints for the infinity saga wave! I really want thor and captain America in their endgame attire from the final battle. these are really great! i featured you in my youtube video few months ago and posted this link in description. i really love what you do man!!
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