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Character Stories: Corporal Silent
Published 2 weeks ago
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Heavily Inspired by Kraus's characters stories.

Corporal Silet

Real Name:
His name is only been revealed to his commanding officers.

"Corporal Silent as a kid was the quiet one. He had next to no friends, and was the forgotten child from his family of 2 brothers. He spent time in the woods, playing with fire. He was once caught with a lighter in the woods, and was punished severely.
After running away, he found the military a good place to go. First enlisting at 17, he lied about his age getting into the the action of WWII."

War stories:
"After he was enlisted, he still showed a want to play with fire. He found his way into a group of flamethrower soldiers. He excelled and was eventually deployed into the frontlines against the Japanese.
In the middle of the first battle he began in, a miscalculated Japanese sniper shot disfigured his face. Surviving the fatal shot, he begged to use a gas mask. Wearing this in the battle, he induced fear into the pill boxes he blasted, and into the prisoners he took.
His confirmed kill count became a staple in his regiment. Going from private first class, to Corporal. He was given the name Corporal Silent, because he only talked to officers, and never took off his mask.
His demise came 4 weeks before the wars end when a stray Japanese bullet hit his flamethrower tank, exploding, and was executed by his commanding officer. His regiment recovered his body, and a proper burial was given by men of his regiment and finished off by a military Chaplain."

This is the end of Corporal Silents report.

If you have any questions for me. Or Corporal Silents Ghost, just ask.

My first and probably not last story on soldiers.
Have a good day!
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