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Dalek Emperor
Published 2 years ago
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The 1967 Doctor Who story "The Evil of the Daleks" introduced the malevolent ruler of the Dalek empire. Its bloated brain occupied a casing that was over three times the size of a normal Dalek, incapable of movement and hardwired into all of Skaro's control systems and battle computers.

However, the Emperor met his match when he ensnared the second Doctor and his companion, Jamie, in a devious plot to turn the Daleks into an unstoppable fighting force. The Doctor engineered a civil war amongst the Daleks, which finished in a massive firefight within the Emperor's throne room.

This playset allows you to recreate the final battle. It features the Dalek Emperor (with opening front panel to reveal a mutant inside), a silver dalek, an elite black dalek, an exterminated dalek, and mini figures of the 2nd Doctor and Jamie.

"Evil of the Daleks" was broadcast in 1967 and wiped from the archives shortly afterwards. Only Episode 2, and a few frames of Episode 1, survive. It remains the best dalek story ever written.
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2 years ago
Always nice to see some Doctor Who content!
2 years ago
A quick heads-up, for the added effect, you can make the render images in Greyscale for the added "Classic" look
1 month ago
This is so awesome! I would love to build this in stud.io, is there any way I'd be able to have the file or instructions?
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