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Assassin LW!
Published 1 year ago
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This is my assassin for dalegoboss's new series.

Backstory: My name is Kade Savage. Yeah, cool name. Not such a cool life. My mother left me when I was three, but I really don't remember that much about my father - he was a dipsomaniac, to be precise. Ah, the good ol' days. I remember some points in my life when he beat me, but I learned how to fight back.

One day I killed him.

See, my father was a chief official on the White Council, so I was seen as a livin' WANTED poster.

I ran for my life.

One day, I came to a small cabin in the Aragead forest - I warily approached it; I was tired, cold and hungry, and deserved a warm meal. I yanked open the door, and gasped when I saw what was inside. A whole cache of weapons sat on the shelves before me, so I did what any fascinated individual would do: I took advantage of them. I went on to spend years at the cabin, scavenging for food, and finding various items to add to my newfound apparel. Practicing combat tactics deep in the woods grew quite boring; I hungered for the time I would seek new blood: the White Council. The creatures in the woods came, but they were no match for me - I became stronger and more supple than the circus acts on the tightrope line. The forest's nourishment had strengthened my body and enhanced my senses, so much so that I could hear a footstep land at least 345 yards away. Would you call me the ultimate assassin? No. One of the best? Yes.

I hope you like it!

Signing off,

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1 year ago
Again with the orcs....let me tally them up XD Great fig and backstory!
1 year ago
Real nice! And on time too! You’re the last one to enter! Congratulations!
1 year ago

Well... I started it, didn't I? XDD Thanks, man!


Thanks, dude! I appreciate it!
1 year ago
You’re welcome!
1 year ago
I guess this is an evil Equalizer from another universe!
1 year ago
Wow, those orcs just don't get a break. Cool figure!
1 year ago
I almost feel bad for them - well, then I don't

Thank you!
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