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Micro Visorak Mech
Published 1 year ago
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The MOCmaster and I challenged each other to create a micro spider-themed mech. This is mine: heavy inspiration from all Bionicle generations (origin of the name), as well as Hero Factory and Ninjago. Here is the MOCmaster's: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/AbjpbxApa5y
A tad bit of a disclaimer: this is not a true mech, as it has no pilot. Rather, it is a massive biomechanical spider- monster chieftain. I am personally extremely pleased with the part usage, and I hope you enjoy this build!
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240 pieces
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1 year ago
No competition!
Yours is 10 billion % better than mine!
I love all the complex pieces choices and the design in general is Amazing!
1 year ago
No problem. and do any of your sets have clipping?
1 year ago
Turned out awesome, much better when I can rotate it!
1 year ago
Awesome! I the part usage is so inventive! I especially like the minifig armour for the legs!
1 year ago
Thank you for the render @KingBrickstone!
and thanks everyone!
1 year ago
Im sure the toa hordika can’t handle this giant visorak boi,

Unless if they brought kee tongu with them :lennyface:
1 year ago
@Hiimanewperson, I'm fairly sure he's already killed all six Toa and eaten their bones.
1 year ago
Huh I suppose theres no turaga for the island of mata nui
1 year ago
Nope. It's a bit sad, but also a bit of a relief, because that's 72 masks we no longer have to collect
1 year ago
Wow.. this is really cool @Shipmaster❗
It's actually kinda creepy once you look at it for a moment... I meam that in a good way, not a bad way.
I like creepy-cool things sometimes❗
1 year ago
Glad you like it!
He does seem to stare...
1 year ago
Yeah, I'm gonna stop looking at it..
Not because it's not cool, just cuz' it's giving me the creeps❗
11 months ago
I still like this guy a lot
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