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ORIGINS Hysteria #4
Published 1 year ago
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Subject No. A7X

Activity Log:
[6:52]Subject begins to look around the room worriedly, expressing signs of anxiousness.
[6:59]Subject repeatedly yells "Get away from me!", also mutters "They're invisible, they're all white, only I can see them, help me. HELP ME!"
[7:03][i]Subject gets up and begins to pound on the door. SRD is activated.

In the control room
Jane: "How's he doing?"
'A7X': "He's going crazy. Muttering about some sort of demons that are haunting him."
Jane: "We should probably let him out."
'A7X': "Not yet. I haven't gotten what I wanted from him."
Jane: "Which is?"
'A7X': "Some things are better left to be explained at a later time."
Jane: "Whatever, you do what you want with him. I've got more important things to handle."
'A7X': "Like what?"
Jane: "Oh, I don't know, maybe the passing of my father! But I suppose that some things are better left to be explained at a later time."
'A7X': "Okay, you do you."
Jane: "Before I go, I want a diagnostics report on him."
'A7X': "I just gave you one."
Jane: "You gave me his hysterical behavior. I want to know his brain readings."
'A7X': "He's having a ton of activity in the imaginative section of his mind. He's going delusional."
Jane: "Have you spoken to him yet?"
'A7X': "Not since he got here, no."
Jane: "Alright. Well, if anything happens while I'm gone, give me a call."
Jane exits the room
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1 year ago
Great chapter! "A hope that time will slow the passing"...
1 year ago
Thanks! The next chapter will finish Hysteria, and will include the final piece to the puzzle!
1 year ago
HINT: You can look up the current words you've found, and you'll actually find the song that the lyrics is from!
1 year ago
From every single one? Including origins?
1 year ago
No, the Hysteria ones
1 year ago
@justy Yep!
by A7X
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