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Chapter 4: Siblings (VW Beetle Race)
Published 2 months ago
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"Hi, you are going to be in the race, am I correct?" Mr. Long said smiling at the monster beetle's driver, who looked about the same age as Jiao.
"Yep, I guess you think it's weird that I'm going to drive a monster truck." He said shyly.
"Oh, of course not. I think it's really cool." Jiao said, hoping his dad didn't hurt his feelings. "I'm Jiao Long and this is my father."
"My name is Stuart Taurus, it's nice to meet you."
"It's nice to meet you too, you can call me Mr. Long."
"Well we had better get ready," Jiao said starting to leave.
"Nah, you have lots of time, why don't you talk, about the race and stuff." Mr. Long walked away.
"I wonder what he's doing," Jiao said.
"Guess it doesn't matter. Do you have any siblings?"
"No, never did, never will."
"Are you okay with that?"
"Well, I kind of have to be, but I sometimes wish I had at least one."
"You can have one of mine, I have eight." Stuart said sounding serious.
"Oh, are they mean?"
"No, I was joking, they're great, though they can be really wild. Maybe because we live on a farm. I'm the second oldest by the way."
Jiao wondered what it would be like being a brother.
"Hey, speaking of my siblings, here they come now."
Jiao saw a group coming towards them, and wondered if he should hide.

Chapter 5 coming soon!
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3 weeks ago
when chapter five coming?
3 weeks ago
I don't know, I kind of stopped making it, but I might continue . . .

Would you like me to?
3 weeks ago
yeah, continue
3 weeks ago
but change the character to normal minifgs because these are kinda weird
3 weeks ago
i like the five wide cars tho
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