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Smuggling on Lah'mu (large)
Published 10 months ago
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Lah’mu – 23 BBY

Tien Aro waved his hand as the speeder stopped a few meters away from his dwelling.
“Hi Asora! So, what do you got?” he asked.
“Hey Tien… Here are the crates.” replied the female twi’leck as she jumped off the vehicle. Her security droïd IG-44 was already beginning to unload them. “Blaster pistols, heavy blasters, energy cells… Just as I told you through the comm yesterday.”

Asora and IG-44 were smugglers living on Lah’mu since a few months. By chance, they had noticed the arrival of an imperial shuttle nearly one week earlier; this shuttle carried a group of rookie scout troopers, brought on a test mission on the vast and windy steppes of the remote world.
Not careful enough, or confident that they were alone there, the troopers had left a bunch of crates unattended and the smugglers quickly got their hands on it, escaping to their hideout before the imperials came back.
Asora then contacted Tien Aro, an outlaw who had fled Corellia a couple of months ago, as she knew that he had contacts to resale this booty.

“That’s brand-new material!” noticed Tien when opening the first box.
“Told you!” answered Asora.
“Let’s move everything inside for privacy and we will discuss the price” said Tien.
IG-44 suddenly beeped a noisy warning, let his burden down and grasps his blaster in the same move.
“Probe droïd!” translated Asora while seizing her own pistol.

Indeed, the black flying machine just came in sight from behind nearby rocks, also beeping in alert mode, and closely followed by two scout troopers.
What the smugglers could not know was that the Imperials had considered this theft very seriously and had sent a group of five probe droïds to scan the lands and find the robbers.
Both parties opened fire simultaneously. Hidden behind the speeder, IG-44 analyzed that the probe droïd was the least dangerous with his light blaster and aimed at the nearest scout trooper, who felt down, wounded to death by a precise shot. The second scout trooper hid behind the rocks, firing haphazardly and hitting only the grass or the speeder.
The probe droïd tried to shoot at Asora, who was running behind IG-44 to get around the rocks and find the remaining trooper; he was shot in return by Tien and finally exploded after the third impact. Pinned behind the rocks by IG-44’s sustained fire, the last trooper did not see Asora coming in his back. He received a strong stroke behind his head, given with the hilt of the blaster, and felt down unconscious.

“What now?” asked Tien urgently, gasping after this sudden attack. “They sure have called for reinforcements; we have to leave!”
“But we have no ship”, replied Asora while taking the blaster from the stunned trooper. “Our partner left with it two weeks ago and should not return before another couple of days… We are stuck here.”
“Well, I have one” said Tien. “Let’s leave together. Anyway, we cannot stay here. Load the crates back on your speeder, I’ll grab my things and we rush to my ship. With your speeder it should not take more than five or six minutes to reach the place where it’s hidden.”

Six minutes and seventeen seconds later, as per IG-44’s calculation, the speeder passed by an abandoned farm and slowed down near a rocky cliff in which a hangar had been dig, certainly from a natural cavern. From the outside, one could only see a couple of rusty agricultural machines. But as the smugglers followed Tien in the building, they discovered a YT-2400 freighter, partly hidden by large black tissues. Tien composed the security code to open the footbridge.
“Can you take the crates inside? I’ll turn on the engines. I’m afraid you must leave your speeder here…”
“No problem, it was not really ours after all…” answered Asora.

As soon as IG-44 closed the bridge, Tien switched on the freighter’s engines. Dust whirled around all over the hangar and the black hangings flew in various directions. The ship took off smoothly, got out of the building and then accelerated quickly to escape the atmosphere.
“So… were should we go now?” asked Tien from the pilot seat.
“If possible, we would like to meet our partner” replied Asora, looking outside to see if no enemy ship was in sight.
“That’s what I thought… So, let’s set the coordinates for hyperspace jump! What is our destination?”
“Kijimi” simply answered Asora.
“Hmmm… The thieves planet! OK, it’s Kijimi then…”

*** To Be Continued ***

1st chapter : “Chase on Corellia” https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/Jk2EyBnm29A
2nd chapter: “The idol on Ozu” https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1k2q1N0P2E0
Next chapter: “Cold death on Kijimi” (coming soon!)
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10 months ago
Great writing! I'm always fascinated with your landscapes!
10 months ago
Holy Cow! This is amazing, both the story and the build!
61 models | 3.5k views
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