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Spider-Man No Way Home The Multiverse Battle at the Statue of Liberty Full Build
Published 3 months ago
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This final battle with all the villains at the end of the thrilling third installment of the MCU's Spider-Man movie includes 5 custom minifigures. The Spider-Man Integrated suit was designed by w.brick_ and features arm decals with gold touch on the nanotech. This stunning figure includes the spider emblem on the front and back side. The Green Goblin custom figure was designed by AdParadise and features a remarkable suit with a damaged chest piece and Green Goblin's utility belt is printed along the waist. AdParadise's figure includes arm decals which resembles directly that of the movie. The Lizard also designed by AdParadise features stunning swappable head pieces and incredible details. Electro is yet again mastered by AdParadise with incredible facial structure and remarkable movie accurate torso detail. AdParadise goes at it again with the phenomenal Doctor Octopus minifigure. The figure includes swappable heads to express his different appearances. The green trench worn by Doc Ock is "coated" with detail. The metal arms provide spectacular maneuverability and provide extraordinary details. This set also includes a massive Sandman build. The structure of the build was based upon Stephan3321's Harry Potter. The face of the monster was magnificently designed by Novic's work in progress Sandman set.

Through the work from these skilled designers creates this ultimate battle at The Statue of Liberty. The set includes the final encounter between Doc Ock and Electro where the good doctor here stabilizes Max and cures him with the accessory shown in his hand. To the right of the build Peter number 2 also known as Tobey Maguire's portrayal of Spider-Man faces off against the giant Sandman holding the cure that when activated flashes lights in all directions depowering Marko setting him free. On the opposite side is The Lizard facing off against magic when a portal opens up dumping the ocean on him. At the back of the scaffolding attached to webbing sits Dr. Connors' cure. At the top of the tower is Doctor Strange attempting to stabilize the box of the multiverse. From above Green Goblin comes soaring in as Peter number 1 or Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man swings in from the crane with the Anti-Goblin Serum in hand. Along the front of the scaffolding is Ned Leeds dangling from metal piping with the sling ring of the former Sorcerer Supreme. In front of the banner introducing The Statue of Liberty falls Mj as Peter number 3 also known as Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Spider-Man dives after her ending in redemption from his failure to save his former lover, Gwen Stacy.

This set includes 3 portal rings, 4 cures, the five members of the Sinister Six from the alternate universes (excluding Mysterio who Marvel has confirmed to have faked his death and they considered to be the sixth member), the three Spider-Men, Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones Watson, Doctor Strange, The Mystic Box of The Multiverse, The Statue of Liberty, a skyscraper crane, the scaffolding, the advertising banner for The Statue of Liberty, and finally swappable pieces for the characters.
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3 months ago
Thank you for the 1k views! I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy!
3 months ago
Amazing!! & Congrats on 1k!!
10 models | 1.5k views