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Ninjago: Zombified: Episode Four: Viral Infection
Published 2 months ago
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“Where do we go now, Lloyd?” Nya asked. “To Skylor’s noodle shop. It’s important that we get there without getting anyone’s attention,” Lloyd replied. Nya didn’t know where Lloyd was going with this, but she guided the bounty there anyway. Then, the ninja descended, and hopped off of. They watched their backs closely and entered the restaurant. “Skylor? Skylor! Are you there?” Lloyd searched as best as he could, but the room was nearly pitch black. Suddenly, Skylor jumped out of hiding and threw her elemental blasts towards the ninja. The ninja, on the other hand, were lucky enough to have dodged Skylor’s attacks. Kai shouted, “It’s us, Skylor! The ninja!” “Really?” Skylor was suspicious. “And how do I know that you’re not a team of zombie ninja?” Jay’s response was as reasonable as it could get. “Because ninja zombies don’t exist. Duh!” “So, it really is you guys!” Skylor was relieved. “I wouldn’t get too relaxed if I were you,” Cole said. “Zombies are taking over Ninjago, and we’ve got to find a cure. And fast!” “Then let me help you,” Skylor said. “I could do anything you need me to.” Kai sighed, with a disappointed look on his face. “I’m sorry, Skylor, but I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you out there. It might be best for you to stay back… unless the rest of us fail.” The others couldn’t believe what Kai just said. “You’re right, Kai,” she said. “I should let you do your thing. Just remember though, if you need any help, just call for me.” “Sure thing! You can could on me!” Kai said. As the ninja were on their way out, Nya turned around to Skylor. “Just don’t let your guard down, okay? I mean it when I say we’re going to fix this.” “I know, Nya,” Skylor said. “Do whatever it takes to end this.” Later, the ninja chose to run on foot, but they soon meet someone unexpected. A small boy was riding his bike through the city, honking his horn. “Ninja! Over here!” the boy called aloud. “Wait a minute…” Lloyd squinted a little, until he could make out the boy’s silhouette. “It’s Nelson!” Viral asked, “The paper boy? We should get him somewhere safe, right?” “Absolutely,” Zane responded. But then, it was too late. Nelson growled. “Ninja! Here! Here they are!” Antonia, Nelson’s best friend, had caught up with him on her bike. Both of them were already zombified. “No! They’ve been transformed!” Kai said. If the situation wasn’t bad enough, Nelson attracted the attention of several other zombies nearby. In an instant, the whole block was filled with zombies, closing in on the ninja. “I thought zombies moved slowly!” Jay said. “I just scanned their bodies,” Zane said, “and it seems that overtime, they can advance in their abilities!” Lloyd looked around frantically. “Either way, we need to run! Come on!” The ninja tried to escape, but the zombies cut them off, and started grabbing at them. “Gross!” Cole exclaimed. “Their touch feels so cold and lifeless! “We don’t have another other option! We have to fight them back, even if they still are innocent citizens!” Kai said. “If it’ll save our lives, then I’ll do it! Shockwave!” Viral and the rest of the ninja unwillingly fought back the zombies. One of them hopped onto Viral’s back, but Cole threw the zombie to the side. At the last second, the ninja used Spinjitzu to hold off the zombies, and they got away. They were exhausted, but with the little strength they had left, they ran into a building and closed the door. “We’re alive!” Jay happily said. “Just barely.” Nya wiped her head and exhaled. But Cole noticed something on Viral that no one else did. “Uh, Viral? You’ve got a weird stain on your arm.” “Huh?” Viral looked at his arm, and immediately started panicking. “Oh, no! No! Please, don’t tell me it means that I —.” The rest of the ninja took a few steps back. “Guys, it’s not what you think! Look at me. I’m perfectly fine! I swear!” As much as the ninja wanted to believe Viral, they knew what was up. “Viral, I think one of the zombies got to you, but please, don’t —.” Viral interrupted Lloyd. “I’m not going to hurt you! I won’t become a zombie! Believe me!” Viral started growling, trying to contain himself. “Don’t. Leave. Me!” he shouted. Viral, halfway transformed into a zombie, throws himself at the ninja, but Lloyd blasts him onto his back. “Forgive me, Viral,” Lloyd said, with sadness in his voice. “Time to move!” The ninja rushed out of the room and continued down the corridor. They still had no idea on how they could possibly stop the infection, but they knew they couldn’t rest until something was done.
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