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What If: Greenflame24
Published 2 months ago
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Well, here it is... my very late What If model. I wanted to do more than just make figs here, I wanted to create a model along with it. I like going full on XD. Anyways, basically some kind of reactor that allows people to look into the possible realities of What if? So let's take a look at a few!

What if Greenie ate toothpaste: Inspiration from ChuckZillaTime

If Greenflame24 ate toothpaste, he would have an allergic reaction of some kinda and start a new wave of virus throughout Mecabricks, where users apparently became toothpaste figures. Some sick, some clown like, some cold, some nasty, there would be very many verities. Greenie, would most certainly be sick… but a goofy sick of course

If KoE died: Inspiration from Greenflame24 himself

After the noble Knight of Elabor being slain during what was probably the darkest battle in all the land, Elabor fell into darkness. Greenflame chose to cast aside all he had and venture to live In Elabor for the rest of his life, doing his best to replace the former hero, and became known as the Flame of Elabor. Replacement was impossible however, and the world slowly grew darker and dryer as the days past. FoE spent the rest of his life as an armored ranger like figure, keeping things under control just enough for decent yet still hard living. Eventually, FoE would die from weariness in his old age, leaving behind a band of young knight followers to take his place, and hopefully bring the world once more to better days.

What if Greenie was in the apocalypse: Inspiration from Greenflame24 himself

After about eighty years of being lost in cyberspace, Greenflame was suddenly exported back into reality by a group of technical scavengers. He found the rest of the world in ruin, and under the shadow of a dark lord who was said to be the summoner of all things new and evil. Greenflame teamed up with the scavengers who’d freed him, and went on a mission to find the cause and secrets of the now destructed world. The events that followed can only be told in the near to distant future

What if Greenie had no ideas: Inspiration from Guitarman2


What if Random dude was Greenie: Inspiration from Dragon_Rider06

If Random dude was Greenie, and Greenie was the computer virus, Greenie would essentially be a digital conscience who would always walk in from the back door and advise Random dude not to do whatever stupid or jerky idea he was planning on doing. Random dude of course would defy him, and end up insulting some user like Operator011, and cause all kinds of arguments and hurt feelings. Greenflame24 would end up being a hated figure, because it would appear that Random dude had just made him up to mock those who didn’t think like himself.

What if Random dude took over Mecabricks: Inspiration from Justyouraveragelegobuilder

If Random dude took over Mecabricks, he would go around deleting models and comments he didn’t like, or altering them. Users would now all fit to his liking, and Scrubs would be “forced” out of history. After all, history is written by the one in control. Random dude would also make sure he controlled, and won, every election. After all, as Joseph Stalin informed us, it’s not the votes that count, but he who counts the votes O_O. Eventually, the EvilZillaKillaGorilla would hunger for Random dude’s power, and somehow release every virus and bug that ever plagued Mecabricks and wage war on Random dude. This chaos would allow for some users to gain freedom, and in the end they would realize that the site had become so corrupted that it had to be destroyed.

What if Greenie played for the ASTROS: Inspiration from WizzardBuilds

If Greenflame24 Played for the ASTROS, than he’d wear the number 24 upon his jersey, and be one of the most energetic and enthusiastic players out there. Sadly, he’d also stink, and soon be traded to a loser team like the Texas Rangers or Baltimore Orioles. From here, he would work his hardest to play good against those teams which posed a threat against the Stros, and bad against those which could help them. Whenever he played against his home team, he’d to the latter to an obvious extent. What would become of all this? I don’t know

What if Greenie was from the future Inspiration from PyrokineticNinjamaster (I think)

If Greenie was from the future, then he would not only know the untold history of every user currently on Mecabricks, but also how to alter those futures. He’d be wrapped in a mystery, with more mysteries to create. It would take a sharp eye and clever mind like Justyouraveragelegobuilder’s to notice these things, lore freaks like Pyro himself to understand them, and realm walkers like Dragon_Rider06 to intwine herself and other people into it all. The results what be a time traveling adventure.

Anyways, that's all I have here! Thanks for your time. Also, thanks to everyone who gave me an idea. I had others that I didn't include, for times sake and what not, but thank to those who gave me the ideas anyways!

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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2 months ago
I would read this, but that takes effort! so you already know I'm outta here!

jkjk love the model!
2 months ago
Awesome stories and model!
Thanks for using my idea.
2 months ago
“Cool story bro” but seriously, cool
2 months ago
Really noice
The toothpaste is really random
2 months ago
lookies like I mist seeing something o_(O) very nice
2 months ago
A time-travelling adventure . . . hmmm? Interwesting.

That one about you becoming the Flame of Elabor was very interesting and pretty cool.
Also the Greenie from the future.
They're probably my favourites.

Anywho, this is awesome!
2 months ago
@Everyone Thank you! did anyone catch the possible CyberFlame reference?
2 months ago
honestly, I forgot about this...
now to feed your back.
1. oOoOo00OOoh tOoFpAsTe!!1! (XD I don't even know)
2. twould be a nice story concept...
3. heeh, I'll say something once the story actually comes out.
(fun reference, that poo emoji is called hankey.
5. whoa, meta! but would you be real? O___O
6. whoever gave you this idea must have been super handsome.

7. I... don't know any-tink about the base of ball....
8. funny thing, I've always wanted to be from the future and do this. I've also wondered what MB would be like without me. no real way to tell, though.

just gotta say though, I'd probably figure out that you were from the future.
2 months ago
... what would MB be like without you? A lot more dull that's for certain. You're one of the life bringers on here
2 months ago
*slips on a banana peel*
*canned laughter*
*falls out window*
*same canned laughter audio*
*literally dies*
*once again, same canned laughter*
*the world explodes*

*canned laughter*
2 months ago
xD Sweet looking build!!
2 months ago
Hgifucyjfifuhfobgik9vg? (Im NoT ReAdInG tHaT).
2 months ago
I still don’t know why I said that

Cool uhhhhhhh

“Thing”? Yeah, let’s go with “Thing”.
2 months ago
Also, What the actual HECK is TE_C_ doin here? I thought he decided enough was enough and jumped off the truckin Empire State Building!
2 months ago
2 months ago
Dude yes okay i know i'm partial but the FoE one is just so amazing bro i love that

Also this model is epic!
2 months ago
Not sure what to say, but thanks guys

@Charles... I guess he's just being his power hungry evil self XD

@KoE Thanks man XD. I wasn't sure what you'ed think about it, but glad to hear you think it's awesome
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