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Hyperion ["Inspiring Books" Series]
Published 1 month ago
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Second model for my "Inspiring Books" Series...
This one is for Hyperion, by Dan Simmons.

Plot: in the 29th century, the Hegemony of Man comprises hundreds of planets connected by farcaster portals. But numerous remote planets have no farcasters and cannot be accessed without incurring significant time dilation. One of these planets is Hyperion, home to structures known as the Time Tombs, which are moving backwards in time and guarded by a legendary creature known as the Shrike. The story covers the fate of the seven pilgrims on their way to these mysterious Time Tombs, while they share their story with each other.

Back: the entrance of the Time Tombs and the Shrike*
Front: four of the seven pilgrims. From left to right:
- Het Masteen, a Templar (i.e. "nature priest") who captains the treeship that brings the pilgrims to Hyperion.
- The Consul, former planetary governor of Hyperion.
- Fedmahn Kassad, a colonel in the Hegemony's FORCE military.
- Brawne Lamia, a private detective

*to design the Shrike, I used one of MOCmaster's models ("Golden Wolf") as a basis, then changed the arms and added two, changed the head, the legs, etc. The Shrike is covered with spikes, I tried to put as many as possible
(anyway, thank you MOCmaster for your amazing models)

If you like science-fiction, I highly recommend you to read Hyperion!
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1 month ago
noice! I'll take a look at it
1 month ago
amazing, instead of just some minifigures you make a big MOC

i will take a read, sounds interesting
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