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Living Destiny Ch6
Published 2 months ago
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—Chapter 6—
Jade hung up. She seemed a little in a rush, like she was worried about something. I snuck past the fire fighters, who were trying to tame the fire, and I went in. The smoke filled the air and fire was burning everything to ashes. Sparks floated in the air. It felt like it was over 100 degrees in here. Ok, get everyone out. That’s the plan. I raced past the flames going from every room and floor to the next. “Is anyone there?” I called out “In the elevator! Help, please!” I heard someone yell between coughs. I looked around till I saw the elevator. The door was cracked open just a little bit. I ran towards the elevator. Trying to push the doors apart enough, so whoever was in there, could get out. After trying and trying as hard as I could, it wouldn’t budge. “It’s jammed,” I muttered “of course.” I tried thinking of any ideas that could possibly work. “Hey.” I heard from behind. It’s was August, Lisa, Jade and April. “Do you need any help?” August asked “Yeah. The elevator door won’t open.” I replied quickly. He walked over to the elevator and we both pulled the doors open “Hurry, everyone out.” August gestured for them to go. One by one, they all got out and ran for a near exit. “Thank you,” a woman said before leaving the building, with a young child wrapped in her arms. I nodded. Wind managed to come in through the burning walls and the fire spreaded even more. “We need to get out of here!” I yelled “Is that everyone?” Lisa asked “I think!” Jade yelled above the roaring fire. “Then let’s go! I’m tried of all this smoke!” April yelled. She ran out and Lisa and August fallowed. I heard a loud scream of in the distance “Did you hear that?” I asked “Hear what? I don’t hear anything.” said Jade. I heard it again. “It’s that way,” I said, looking past a burning hallway, “I’m going to see what it is.” She took a second to answer, “I’m coming too.” I started walking in the direction I heard the sound. A board fell from the sealing behind us. “We should go. I don’t see anything.” said Jade, after a few minutes, shielding her eyes from the ashes. “No. it’s close. You can go, but I’m going to see what it is.” I replied. I turned and kept walking. As I took each step, the floor screeched and I could hear foot steps behind me. I got closer, the sound became louder and louder. I stopped. A note laid on the ground, I picked it up. Reading it aloud:
“Dear, heroes,
I hope you can handle the heat. Ether way, I have your friends. If you wish to have them back, then I must have something in exchange. Hmm... perhaps my husband’s staff? Unless you’re fine with your friends being locked up for a ‘little while’.

Sincerely, The Unknown.”
By the time I was done reading the note, more boards fell “Ok, now we should go.” I said “Agreed.” Jade replied.

We all made out of the burning building. Or so I thought. “Where’s Jade and Mark?” August mused. I heard a loud sound come from the building. Like it was going to fall. “Oh no...” I began “Everyone stay back. Stay back!” an office yelled, motioning for everyone to go.

We ran carefully to the escape stairs as more and more of the building started to fall apart. When we reached our exit, we saw that the stairs were gone. “What do we do now?” Jade muttered. I was thinking the same thing. “Jump.” I responded “What?” “Jump!” We both jumped out the widow. Now realizing that we were five stories high, I started to have second thoughts. All of a sudden, Jade and I reached the ground slowly. I looked over and saw April with her hands out, panting. “What were you two thinking?!” Lisa asked rather loudly, with her arms folded. “Yeah, what she said ‘what were you thinking’?” April asked mockingly. “Now, let’s not get all worked up.” Jade started, “We think we found some evidence on who started the fire.” Then out of nowhere a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent appeared, “Sorry to interrupt, but, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base was attacked.” Lisa and August looked at each other. “Wait, do you mean THE base, as in where Fury is?” Jade questioned “Yes, I’m afraid so.” The agent replied. We all looked at each other “By who? Are they alright?” April asked impatiently. The agent took a few seconds before he said anything, “Yes, but Fury requests for your return.” “Then let’s go. We don’t want to keep him waiting.” August said. We all got in or on our vehicles, (depending on what we road) and headed back to S.H.I.E.LD.

End of chapter

God bless!
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