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Magistone examples
Published 2 years ago
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The magistones are unique rocks infused with special minerals that grant them powers. There are many different types of them, and I will be showing you a few of the most well-known ones.

First, let's start with the lightstone. It's probably the most common out of all of them. It creates a light, the bigger the stone the bigger the light. It's a safer alternative for fire, and is used for everything from house lamps to headlights to torches.

Next, let me tell you about the powerstone. If you can harness the energy from this than you can power just about anything. It could last for centuries before running out of the minerals that make it so. It is used for all sorts of things, mostly powering vehicles and other items.

The magnetikstones are infused with two different but similar minerals, which can attract and repel. The blue will attract blue, and the orange will attract orange. Also, a orange stone will repel blue, and a blue stone will repel orange. This can be used to make things levitate, or to carry heavy objects with big machines.

Basestone is the most rare of all magistones. It is extremely heavy and sturdy. In fact, the only thing that can break it is basestone or mimicstone taking the form of basestone. Some magnetikstones are strong enough to lift it, but it is still very hard. As it's so sturdy and heavy, it's normally used as a strong foundation for big buildings , and as bars and walls for top-security prisons.

Last but not least, we have mimicstone, which is probably the most valuable of the magistones. Mimicstone, if close enough or harnessed to another magistone, will take the powers of it. It is used to mine basestone, because as soon as it gets close enough to it, it will become exceedingly strong and can break through. It is also commonly used to power things if there is not enough powerstone.
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