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What If... Hela didn't destroy Mjolnir?
Published 1 month ago
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(In Watcher voice) In the universe that we know that after Odin died Hela firstborn and the true leader of Asgard broke free from her prison and went after the throne of Asgard and first went after the only other 2 people who had a birthright to or at least one of them did Thor and Loki and in the battle Thor's hammer Mjolnir was destroyed but Thor still triumphed. However in this universe Thor's hammer was not destroyed but lost. In this universe Hela stole Mjolnir back and corrupted it and used it to take over Asgard but when Thor came back Hela used his own weapon against him and pinned him down with it and made it rain necroblades and kill him and everyone else then traveled across the nine realms and and took them over one by one and after each realm she conquered she took the most powerful magical item from that and then removed it's magical capabilities and putting in a crown which would give her the ability to transform into basically her if she came from that realm and the abilities of that species. She would go one to conquer the entire universe and even killed Thanos and destroyed the Infinty Stones saying that their power was beneath her and so just like that I watched a universe once full of gods burn into ash with a cruel queen rising from it's remains.

This is one I have had for a while and was just waiting to post because of the 100th model but besides that I hope you like this model because I do.
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