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Annihilan: Chapter 1
Published 10 months ago
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The first chapter of my first story.

Baelin glanced behind him for anyone that might be following. He was late. The king sent out a decree about a month ago declaring the use of magic or even the existence of wizards was outlawed and must be stopped. Baelin wasn’t a wizard but he couldn’t stand for this injustice.

The group charged with the downfall of the wizards was called Annihilan. Often times they would be seen using dark magic despite being the harbingers of magic’s destruction.

Baelin was making his way to an old potion shop that the owners claimed “was about to change into a bread shop” but all wizards knew the owner and knew he would take them in. Baelin often wished he was infused with magical essence. Every generation, the High Council would choose one hundred young men to become wizards. They stopped at the 86th child because of the king’s strike against wizards. The spellcaster’s main goal was to find the members of the Council and make their move on the king.

These streets were never busy now that Annihilan was in charge. Except for Baelin. He ventured a look behind him. There was a figure clad in a dark cloak and cold armor. Baelin thought of quickening his pace but that would only look suspicious.

A hand was placed on his shoulder. He stopped and slowly turned around. The figure was definitely Annihilan. What did he want?

“Your hand please.” He said.

Baelin’s hand was shaking. He held out his right hand and the man grabbed it and pulled it in so he could see. Wizards were branded with a mark when they recovered their magical essence. He of course didn’t have one. The cloaked man however did have the mark. Of course, he was trying to destroy everything he worked for long ago. What had made these wizards turn? He thought.

“You’ll have to come with me.” He began to move him along.

“What?!” Baelin screamed. “I don’t have a mark! I’m no wizard!”

Baelin couldn’t see the man’s mouth but he knew he smirked. “Don’t question Annihlan, underling.”

Underling? Like a slave. Am I to be a slave for these tyrants?! He thought.

Soldiers were rounding the corner ready to cut off his escape. Unfortunately for them, that was what someone wanted. Another cloaked figure burst from the shadows sending a volley of ice at the soldiers. They froze in solid blocks of ice when hit. The remained soldiers charged with swords drawn. One went to slice the wizard’s leg but he was too quick. He dodged and thrust his staff to his head knocking him unconscious.

Baelin was awed at the newcomer’s combat that he didn’t know he was moving away from it. The Annihlan was pushing him along. Two other cloaked figures awaited to join the fight against Annihlan. They sent fire, ice, arcane, and earth at the evil man but he was equally skilled in these arts.

“You’re late.” Said a voice from behind. Luckily this man’s face was friendly.

“I know,” Baelin said out of breath.

“Hurry, inside.” And into the potion shop, they went.
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10 months ago
Wow, great!!
You throw us right into action, the plot is very interesting and there are lots of stuff to develop.
I'll be waiting for the next chapter impatiently!
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