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0.2 lava
Published 12 months ago
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To sign up for my story:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/LyjWrB3k2Jr

Chapter 1:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rE1GVa8W
Chapter 3: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/X8jOp7zLvYJ
Chap. 4 :https://mecabricks.com/en/models/WRaZd8QLjpZ
Start of chapter 0.2

"The weapon base is just over the bridge." Said Jonah, "Which is convenient because an exit is near there."
"Why would we need to get out?" asked Costa "here is probably the safest place in the world."
"It's not, they could get in easily now the lift is broken." replied Jonah
"Oh... Sorry about that."
"No worry's." said Bevan "You only destroyed our only mean of safety from some Zombie horde? What's the big deal?"
"Hey he made it so we could escape short term, otherwise we would be in the hands of some alien Zombies!" argued Josh.
"Thanks Josh." muttered Costa
"No problem." he replied
"Anyways we need to get to the weapon base... immediately." said Jonah already halfway on the bridge, the others followed.

Then a voice came out of no-where: "You can't go there"
Costa was so surprised that he slipped and almost fell in the lava, a figure jumped out of the lava untouched onto the bridge, caught Costa's hand and pulled him up.
"Hi" he said "I'm John Spark, I, have fire powers"
Jonah had other concerns, "Why can't we go there?"
"Because the Zombies have got in." replied John "Don't worry though, I brought some weapons."
In sync they all said "Cool!"
John grimaced and got a bag full of weapons, a shield and a portal shooter for Costa, a teleport ring for Bevan, a pair of static gloves for Josh, a clone machine for Jonah and a power sword for himself.
"Now lets go for the other exit." said Jonah

{end of 'lava' 0.2}

Just so you know who the characters are based on:

Joshua Michaels- Wizardbuilds1
Jonah [Arose] Cowell- No name
Costa (Munchic) Smith- me
Bevan [Gabriel] Lane- The_An0nym
John Xavier Spark- Fireblade28

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