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The Legendary D-O Chronicles: Star Destroyer
Published 6 months ago
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Watch as the pure might and raw power of D-O completely DECIMATES an entire star destroyer. Here's the script:

Star Destroyer is shot down, and is plummeting toward the planet of Passana, where a small droid, D-O, is rolling around. D-O sees the freakishly massive Star Destroyer plummeting down, directly towards him! D-O cocks his head to the side in confusion, taking in the scene. The Star Destroyer is still falling, emitting screeching sounds of grinding metal and falling machinery.

As the massive Star Destroyer streaks toward D-O, he suddenly stops, directly aligning himself and the center of the star destroyer. Closer... Closer...

As the Star Destroyer's tip barely touches D-O's nose tip...

D-O: N-No thank you.

The Star Destroyer erupts in a massive spout of flame and smoke, splitting directly down the middle. The purley massive explosion rocks the ground, and sand flies everywhere. It can be seen for miles, and after the smoke and sand settle down, only one thing can be seen among the ash. D-O.

Hi guys, this was just a little project i wanted to do, as I have always thought it would be cool to see D-O decimate a Star Destroyer. I have had fun envisioning this, and I hope you do as well. Also, this is the first part of The Legendary D-O Chronicles, my first series. This series will feature D-O taking down many iconic ships and bases. Be looking out for the next episode, The Legendary D-O Chronicles: D-O vs. the Death Star.

- SpaceBuilder101

P.S. If you would like to request an episode, just PM me!
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6 months ago
did you make that star destroyer? if not, you should credit the person who did.
6 months ago
No, it was just the Lego UCS Star Destroyer (Imperial)
6 months ago
Nice job dude!
6 months ago
That is true Justy SO true
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