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Hapi DLC Brickheadz
Published 6 months ago
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Its Hapi.... from Fire Emblem... you don't know about Fire Emblem?! *sigh*... *monsters approach* Guess you'll have to deal with those. I haven't made the timeskip version of Hapi, (and I'll be doing some renders of this model) so stay updated. I'll be posting a link in THIS description for the timeskip version. If you want to see more Fire Emblem Brickheadz, (I'm making every important character, that includes all students, and DLC) check out my page. Please like if you enjoy the model, thanks, @Sothis.

P.S. If you didn't get that intro with the sigh, and the monsters, that's okay, it is related to Fire Emblem. Also thank you soooo much to everyone who supported my Sothis build, its on the main page, and now has almost 100 views, lets get it there!
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6 months ago
sorry, I know this may sound dumb, but I don't know what that is sorry :0
6 months ago
I feel really bad, but I don't want to do something I don't know. I hope you understand.
6 months ago
okey dokey thats fine thank you though
6 months ago
If you want a character from a Nintendo game, sure. I feel really bad.

Actually that gives me an idea, maybe I should take requests from people for retro Nintendo games, and I could turn them into Brickheadz. If you want something done just ask. I'm sorry but I have a small comfort zone so if I think its okay, then I'll do it.
6 months ago
do you do naruto characters?if not ummm....in between 3 choices kirby,donkey kong,samus
6 months ago
No problem.
I think I'll have it done by tomorrow afternoon, but I can't promise it.
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