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The Roaring Flame [Ford Model A/Hot Rod]
Published 2 months ago
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Freshly out of the workshop and smelling like lacquer and petrol,
this bad boy is just waiting for you to hop in and go on a jaunt!

The basepaint has not completely dried yet,
so feel free to submit your coloring ideas below!
With not much more to say, I hope you like it!
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679 pieces
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2 months ago
thanks. any ideas for coloring?
2 months ago
I like the perlescent orange very much...
A black car with yellow/red flames would work, it's a classic

Or maybe purple or dark blue with white lines...
2 months ago
Cool!! I think a dark color with light-colored stripes would look good.
2 months ago
Ah! Another one with that idea.
2 months ago
Ah! Another one with that idea.
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
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