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Ninjago: Zombified: Episode Two: Rude Awakening
Published 2 months ago
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“Good morning citizens of Ninjago City”, the news anchor started, “our home is yet again on the verge of doom, but I’ll get straight to the point. According to the museum’s security cameras, the ninja showed up last night to battle a mysterious creature that somehow got into the area. Unfortunately, ‘it’ escaped, so the whereabouts of this being is currently unknown. And if that wasn’t strange enough, the previous footage could not be retrieved, almost as if it was… erased. But the reasonable thing for us all to do is leave it up to the ninja to make things right, as they always do. Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon.” Master Wu, after watching the news channel sighs heavily, gets off of the couch, and turns the television off. Meanwhile, the Lloyd is in the Samurai X Cave, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. “Lloyd! We’re here!”, Jay loudly said. “Yeah”, said Nya. “You wanted to show us something?” “That’s right.”, Lloyd said. “Remember our little trip to the museum last night? It turns out that our new enemy left something behind.” Lloyd takes the book off of the table and shows it to the ninja. “Life, and the Meaning of it?”, Cole read the title of the book. “Tsenre was trying to escape with it?” Lloyd responded, “By the looks of it, yes. But what he intended to use it for… I don’t have a clue.” “Hmm”, Zane said. “I believe I can scan the book for fingerprints. Just to confirm.” “Then by all means!”, Kai said. “Give it a try!” And so, Zane scanned the book, and uncovered the unexpected. Zane gasped. “What?”, Viral asked. “What did you find?” “The fingerprints indeed belong to Tsenre”, Zane began, but another set of fingerprints trace back to none other than… Clutch Powers!” Then, all of the ninja gasped. “No… way”, Lloyd said in shock. “There has to be an explanation. Clutch isn’t a thief! He’s only a nut job of an adventurer!” I don’t think he’d —“. Before Lloyd could finish, Master Wu entered the Samurai X Cave, with troubling news. “Ninja!”, Master Wu said, as he ran up to them. “Master Wu, you’re just in time!”, Cole said. “You’ll never guess what we —“. “Hurry outside!”, Master Wu interrupted. “What I’ve just witnessed is unlike anything I’ve seen in years!” As Master Wu headed back, the ninja followed. Jay said, “If Master Wu is worried, then I’m worried!” The whole team came up to the doors of the monastery, opened them, and found a large horde of zombified civilians, making their way up the steps. “Are those… zombies?!”, Viral said. “What the heck happened to them?”, Kai asked. “There’s no time for questions!”, Master Wu shouted. You need to get out of here! P.I.X.A.L and I will hold them back!” Lloyd looked concerned. “But… what about you?” “And P.I.X.A.L?”, Zane added. Master Wu said, “Don’t worry about us. We’ll buy you some time. For now, get to safety, and find a way to cure them.” The zombies started banging on the doors. Lloyd sighed. “Okay, Master. We won’t let you down.” “I trust you, Lloyd”, Master Wu said, as he pushed against the door to keep it shut. “Be safe, P.I.X.A.L”, Zane said with sorrow. If anything were to happen to you, I’d never forgive myself for leaving your side.” P.I.X.A.L hugged Zane and said, “For you, Zane, this fight will be worth fighting.” The zombies finally knocked down the doors, and the ninja made a run for it, as they took one last look at Master Wu and P.I.X.A.L, who were in the middle of the action. “To the bounty!”, Lloyd said. “It’s our last hope to get away in time!” Flying away on the Destiny’s Bounty; that was the ninjas’ next plan of action. But will they make it in time, or will they fail miserably?
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2 months ago
Which ninja, if any, is bound to get “zombified” first?
135 models | 5.2k views