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Lilly's Room
Published 3 months ago
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Lou brought Cole into his mother's room.
Lilly coughed. "Hi honey," she smiled.

"Mom!" Cole ran to his mother, and gave her a big hug. "I don't want you to be sick anymore, Mom!" Cole sniffed.

"I know," His mother sighed, "But we don't always get what we want, do we?" She paused. "Your father said you got into trouble at school..."

"Yeah," Cole admitted reluctantly. "But it - it wasn't my fault! There's this kid, he's just - he's just a big bully! He's always picking on the little kids and -"

"And you got in a fight." Lilly finished sadly.

"I'm sorry, Mom." Cole sobbed. "I promise, I won't fight anymore. I'll be good from now on. I'll make you proud! And - and -"

"Oh, Cole," Lilly said. "Don't you see? I am proud."
Lilly's face shone down on Cole warmly. "I want you to promise me, Cole, that you will always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust. Always."

"I - I promise, Mom," Cole replied. "Always."

Lilly's faceprint is completely the work of Artfvlly.
Lou and Cole I made using the base of some of his faceprints on Pinterest.
The painting and drawing on the wall are IPs of LEGO via WildBrain.
Thanks for viewing this!
Feel free to download and render the model, and you can use Lou and Cole's faces in your models (with attribution, of course
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3 months ago
This is awesome! Love this
3 months ago
Aw, this is great! Lilly seemed like a great mom
3 months ago
Cool render @Artfvlly!
3 months ago
woooh i loved it!

now i want to cry XD
3 months ago
@PyrokineticNinjaMaster @MrBrick Thank you ^-^
3 months ago
@Artfvlly You're welcome!
2 weeks ago
Me encantó tu proyecto, esta increíble
2 weeks ago
Me encantó tu proyecto, esta increíble
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