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Brick's Island
Published 2 years ago
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This is an older MOC I finally got around to revamping in Mecabricks. It's my character's personal island, house, and starship. There are over 50 minifigures here, most are people I met on the LEGO.com galleries.

Credit to Qmtfive for the Kombi, Yakobay and Crossbow9568 for the racecars.
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2 years ago
Very nice! I recognize many people on this. My favorite part is the indoor tennis.
I haven't seen you active anywhere lately! Hopefully all is well!
2 years ago
This is one of the neatest and most intriguing MOCs I've ever seen. I can sense a great comradeship in this, it's great.
2 years ago
@guy Thanks! I probably need to add some people I met later during my stay on the Gallery. Do you have a recent picture of your sigfig? Also yeah, I know.. I've been inactive for a while. I'm planning a return but I'm having trouble coming up with new story ideas. Good to know I've been missed though. @masman Wow, thanks so much! Putting in all the figures was a lot of work but I'm glad I did it. Speaking of, I added your avatar to this build.. you should see if you can find yourself
2 years ago
I believe I saw it when I was first looking at it, but I wasn't sure if it was "me" or not. Am I rowing the boat?
(If that is me, I'll need a backpack to make it 100% accurate.

Perhaps I should give myself an update, I have some ideas. Hmmm...
2 years ago
@masman You found you, yay!
Also, you should, it never hurts to have a sigfig handy.
2 years ago
@brick I dont know if i have any recent pictures of my sig-fig...
I'll try to get one up on my Mocpages page sometime soon.
2 years ago
@BrickHoard As you wished. https://mecabricks.com/en/models/b82xNywqv1z
Sorry I took so long, it's an important thing to get the right look... Use the middle one please.

Can you provide a list of the users featured in the description? That would be cool.
2 years ago
@guy keep me posted and happy building! @masman Awesome! Sigfigs are so much fun
I can try.. A lot of these people I don't remember anymore. But I'll give it a shot, it'll be fun.
2 years ago
*I mean, change my already existing figure in the scene?
2 years ago
@NGChunter I'd be glad to! Loving the new sigfig btw
2 years ago
@Mr.SingingHedgehog sure, if I ever post a new version.
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