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TheNinjaBrick’s 1st Anniversary Special
Published 4 months ago
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Here’s my 1st anniversary special and it’s the first episode of What if? A Brainiac’s Revenge Spinoff.

Before the special starts. I will thank the following people that I have been interacting with a lot in my first year on Mecabricks

Artfvlly, ChuckZilliaTime, Guitarman2, Hamid, j2fam77, LegoCommanderBacura, LegoWilderness, MOCmaster, Operator11
TheRealChonkey, and TheSpyderBrick.

Anyways, Here’s the special.

Announcer (Reece): What if Brainiac succeed shrinking Earth?

TheSpyderBrick: I had a bad vison.

Reece: What was it about?

TheSpyderBrick: It was about Brainiac and Chen sending 50 of their mini clones to the real world while 50 will fight us.

TheRealChonkey: Your vison is real! Look!

Brainiac: I am here with 100 mini editions of me and Chen!

All of the heroes: What the heck!

Brainiac: I will send 50 to earth while 50 will fight you!

Chen: Attack!

Reece: Turn Security Mode on! and enable the seats!

System: OK!

Reece: We need to sit on the seats and use the guns to stop him!

j2fam77: We need to launch at him! Chen! and mini clones of him and Chen too!

LegoCommanderBacura: We need to launch at him loads! If we fail then we lose!

Chen: Nobody can stop us now since we have security shields!

TheSpyderBrick: Things are getting worse so one of us needs to sacrifice and become a ghost.

Every hero except TheSpyderBrick: NO!

TheSpyderBrick: Everyone said No! so I have to sacrifice!

Reece: I will miss you TheSpyderBrick! but I hope you help us as a ghost!

TheSpyderBrick: I will miss you all!

*TheSpyderBrick dies and becomes a ghost*

All of the heroes: I will miss you but I hope you help us as a ghost!

Brainiac: One of the heroes is down! now only 5 left!

*Meanwhile in the real world*

Max: I hope they win my friend Reece with his allies!

Lisa: Agh! Tiny black things with a green head and some grey things with gold stuff!

Daniel: We must run!


All People on Earth: RUN!

*Back in space*

Brainiac: You have no chance against me because it might be too late!

Reece: I can’t stop him!

Ghost TheSpyderBrick: You can using the Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate weapon! which is behind you!

Reece: You have no chance against me with the Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate weapon!

Brainiac: Fight!

Reece: You can’t stop me!

Brainiac: Yes! I can!

Reece: Uh oh!

Brainiac: I have a more powerful weapon! A nuke!

Reece: I must use the Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate weapon! quick!

Brainiac: You can’t!

Reece: I have a bad feeling about this!

Brainiac: You will lose and I will win!

Reece: I will use it n..! Oh no!

Brainiac: I won! Now to shrink earth!

*Meanwhile on Earth*

Max: I hope Reece wins! Cause Brainiac must be st...! Oh no! Reece lost!

Reece: We have lost! and Brainiac is shrinking Earth now!

MOCmaster: We would love to evacuate with you but our Ninjacopter is destroyed!

Max: What a shame! We can’t leave now!

Brainiac on the ad boards: I HAVE WON AND I HAVE DEFEATED REECE! NOW! YOUR PLANET! EARTH! WILL BE SHRINKED in 10! 9! 8 ! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3!

Everyone except Brainiac and Chen: Uh oh!

Brainiac on the ad boards: 2! 1! Say goodbye!

Reece: We will have to leave quick!

Max: We can’t! It’s too late! Brainiac wins!

Officers: We should warned everyone earlier!

(Meanwhile in Space)

Brainiac: Yes! I have every planet ever! I have successfully completed my mission to shrink the whole universe! Those Justice League idiots can’t stop us!

Chen: Yes! No one can escape! Even their powers won’t work!

Brainiac and Chen: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

*segment ends*

Reece: Thankfully, That didn’t happen cause Brainiac didn’t get his nuke out at the last second.

MOCmaster: That would been bad.

TheSpyderBrick: If were to happen then we won’t be here right now and instead trying to escape but our powers won’t work and I would still be a ghost.

Reece: Now to think how different would it be if Brainiac also captured me when he had raided our headquarters.

*segment begins*

Announcer (j2fam77): What if Brainiac captured Reece when he raided the heroes headquarters?

Reece: Oh no! Brainiac is using the same app that he used to break out of jail to break the doors!


(A few moments later)

Brainiac: We will attack them now!

Reece: Oh no! We have to defeat the bad guys!

LegoCommanderBacara: I’m the real LegoCommanderBacara!

Brainiac’s clone of LegoCommanderBacara: No! I’m am the real LegoCommanderBacara!

LegoCommanderBacara: Oh no!

ChuckZilliaTime: I’m the real ChuckZilliaTime!

Brainiac’s clone of ChuckZilliaTime: No! I’m am!

ChuckZilliaTime: Brainiac has made clones of all of us except for you Reece!

Reece: Phew! Brainiac didn’t make a clone of me so I will defeat the other villains!

TheRealChonkey: I’m the real TheRealChonkey!

Brainiac’s clone of TheRealChonkey: Ha! Think you are a fool well I’m the more real TheRealChonkey!

TheRealChonkey: Don’t worry! Reece, j2fam77 and MOCmaster aren’t defeated yet!

MOCmaster: I’m more real than you!

Brainiac’s clone of MOCmaster: I’m much more real than you!

MOCmaster: Don’t Worry! j2fam77 will fight his evil clone while Reece will fight the other villains!

j2fam77: I’m the obsidian ninja!

Brainiac’s clone of j2fam77: No! I’m the obsidian ninja!

j2fam77: You may have defeated us but you haven’t defeated Reece!

Daisy: Reece! You can’t stop me!

Reece: Oh yes I can!

Daisy: Noooo!

Claudie: Reece! We meet again!

Reece: Ha! Got you now!

Claudie: Noooo!

Reece: Brainiac! We will meet again!

Brainiac: Reece! I have a bigger army than your’s!

Reece: j2fam77! MOCmaster! ChuckZilliaTime! LegoCommanderBacara! TheRealChonkey! Don’t give up!

All of the heroes: We will never give up!

Brainiac’s clones of all the heroes except for Reece: Oh noooooo!

Chen: You can’t stop me and Brainiac!

Brainiac: I have reinforcements!

Brainiac’s Reinforcements: Get them!

Reece: There’s too many!

j2fam77: Reece! You must go while the rest of us hold them!

Reece: I hope the rest of you can hold them off cause we will never give up!

All of the heroes: Ok!

Reece: I must run to the Ninjacopt...!

Brainiac: Ha! Got you now!

Reece: Oh no!

Brainiac: I will use my chains now!

Reece: Noooo!

Brainiac: Yes! Bring them to our headquarters!

(A few hours later in Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Brainiac: Our mission to attack the headquarters has been a success!

Daisy: It has been a honor!

Brainiac: Bring out the prisoners!

Daisy: Ok!

Reece: You will pay for this!

Brainiac: Daisy! Lock them up in cells!

Daisy: Ok!

j2fam77: Oh no!

Reece: This is the end!

Brainiac: Now! I want all of you to build the time machine to get rid of those idiots! Once and for all!

All of the villains except Brainiac: Ok!

(Meanwhile in the city)

Lisa: I hope Reece and the others has stopped Brainiac from raiding their headquarters!

Max: Apparently not! Check the news!

Tina Gossip: Hello! My name is Tina Gossip the older sister of Gayle Gossip! Here’s the news! Firstly! Brainiac has successfully raided the heroes headquarters because Brainiac now knows where the headquarters are and he has a bigger army than ever because of ads made by Brainiac to make people join him! Brainiac also has captured all of the heroes to be brought to his headquarters so who will stop Brainiac’s plan to erase the heroes forever?

Max: See!

Lisa: I know now!

Daniel: Oh no! The bad guys are winning!

Max: I would had tried to stop his plan but I’m too young to stop a such powerful villain!

Lisa: I hope someone frees the heroes so they can stop Brainiac’s plan!

Max: I hope so!

(A few hours later at Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Brainiac: We have done the time machine!

Daisy: It’s a pleasure to work with you!

Brainiac: Chen! Daisy! and I will go to the time machine to erase the heroes forever!

Brainiac, Chen and Daisy: We will erase the heroes forever!

Brainiac: This time machine will go back in time in 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! 0!

Adam: Yes! Get rid of those heroes!

*segment ends*

Reece: Phew, That didn’t happen cause Brainiac thought I was still fighting.

j2fam77: If it were to happen then we won’t be here right now.

Reece: Next Episode! Check what would have been different if MOCmaster couldn’t free me from Brainiac and Chen and if Brainiac and Chen followed j2fam77, MOCmaster, and TheSpyderBrick to The Never-Realm.

The end.
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3 months ago
Ummmm my username is not chuckzillatime anymore and it has not been for a while
3 months ago
I know that, But, Still, I liked ChuckZilliaTime more than SolarFlame09.
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