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Norosi Light Destroyer
Published 1 year ago
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The Norosi Light Destroyer 'Dalet R-35 Northumbria'. Information on this particular vessel is limited, but archeodata experts have pinned down a class designation. The Light Destroyers of the species known formally as the Norosi, and colloquially as 'The Elders', would serve as fast escorts for the larger explorators, carriers and battleships of the fleet. The ships were outfitted with outfitted with sixteen kill vehicle berths and a gluonic ordinance delivery system mounted in a quad-track ventral turret. Their duties primarily comprised precision strikes and corvette-hunting. The expert this chronicler spoke to requested an addendum here: Norosi 'Corvettes' vastly outsize our modern definition of the term, usually measuring between one and one and a half kilometres in length.

The vessel known as 'Dalet R-35 Northumbria' was discovered deep in the Kessenfire Gas Cloud. The vessel's reactor had suffered a major incident shortly after the Calamity, leaving much of the interior too irradiated for exploration, let alone recovery. The neutron radiation still bleeding from the ship's heart has severely degraded her software, leaving fragments of the onboard SystemSoul trapped in semi-stable loops in the ship's data network. The ship's flight recorder has also been largely corrupted, but what few pieces remain indicate the ship's last moments involved an encounter with the phenomenon known as 'The Deepest Shadow'.

(First of a new series of models. The pyramid-ship aesthetic is one I've been wishing to capture for a long while. Renders available at https://imgur.com/a/wP5jU2v )
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