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Afon O Marwolaeth
Published 2 months ago
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I honestly didn't think he'd have followed me this far. But here we were, trapped in the underground cavern through which Afon O Marwolaeth flowed.
The object he'd come to retrieve glowed brightly in the darkness. Some kinda bioluminescence. I sat still through the turbulant waters until we drifted some meters away from the waterfall. He lowered his weird looking guns, we couldn't risk an explosion - however minor - this close.
"Now, Ryder," he said. His voice was muffled by his helmet. "I'll get us close and you will retreive it carefully."
"My name isn't Ryder it's Rydinger and I'm not a puppy," I said grumpily.
"I don't care."
I did some fast thinking as we dirifted closer and closer. I knew once he had it my life wouldn't be worth a plug nickel. I also knew he wouldn't risk shooting anywhere within ten meters of this place. Useful to know.
Standing up in the kyack I surveyed the tunnel. Queer lanterns hanging from the walls gave off a ghostly blue glow. Really fit with the name of the place.
I walked as close to the nose of the kyack as I could without tipping. We were barely a meter away from the pedestal on which it sat. A random idea floated into my brain and I seized it. It was ridiculous, silly and probably wouldn't work, but I acted as soon as I got it.
I jumped right over the pedestal, grabbing the object as I sailed over and crashed headfirst into the foaming river.
Shouting and crashing reached my ears before I was engulfed.

End of Short Snippit

Well, I hope that was interesting. I made the model for my two year mark and decided to write a short something to go along with it. Kinda inspired by Greeny's one year model.
Anyway, as I said, two years have passed since I logged onto Mecabricks for the first time. August 3rd, 2019.
No, I shall not make a speech. It's passed 8:00 p.m. and I want to go to bed.
Looking back on my first models, I'm quite a different person than the little weirdo who joined two years back.

Some random facts about the weirdo who's with you now.

Favourite Author(s):
Andrew Peterson (THE MASTER)
Ralph Moody (Cowboy Author of the USA)
Arthur Ransome (Swallows and Amazons, anyone heard of it???)
S.D. Smith (I honestly can't believe how great this chap is. He rivals A.P.)

Favourite Songs
10,000 Reasons
In Christ Alone
Indescribable (Chris Tomlin)
The Voice of Jesus
You'll Find Your Way
The Dark Before the Dawn
Rest Easy
Don't You Want to Thank Someone?
While Shepards Watched
(All by A.P.)
Who Am I? (Casting Crowns)
The Words I Would Say (Sidewalk Prophets)
I See the Light (Tangled)

I want to learn guitar.
I can currently kinda play the piano.
I am chewing rasberry flavoured gum while writing this.
I have made my own metal sword that doesn't have a sharp edge.
My stack of books is probably going to fall over between now and next year.
I did 160(ish) jumps with a skipping rope today.
I still don't like chocolate.
I had cramps in my legs from doing a wall sit for almost three minutes.
My brother once ran a pig business and I loved the adorable little baby pigs.
Learned enough?
Merci mes amis. Vous êtes tous incroyables. Vous ne réalisez probablement pas à quel point vous avez un impact sur ce site.
For Christ Alone!

Signing off -

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2 months ago
Congrats on two years!
2 months ago
Congratulations on 2 years! I still have quite a way to go o_o, the story and the model are quite something!
2 months ago
Woah, congratulations on 2 years, Dragon!

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent." That's honestly a really great quote.

"Staring at this computer is going to wreck havoc with my sleep." (it should be "wreak", BTW) Welp, you're not wrong.
2 months ago
@Gman + Fireblade, Thanks both!

@Op, That render is stunning, Op!

True, I had a feeling that wasn't the right word.
2 months ago
D_R: Thanks!
No worries. #Indeed
2 months ago
Ayyy congrats @Dragon!! Epic story!!! One thing tho. . . my stack of books had already fallen over
2 months ago
@D_R, well, my mom said she was sure she heard about the green ember somewhere and that we will most likely get it from our library in the USA,
this library has the wingfeather books in their new edition so yeah its an epic one one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to moving

2 months ago
@Sir Elabor, My stack is right by the door, so I worry every time one of my sisters walk past.
(Oh whatcha know, you are)

@Fireblade, Mums seem to have this superhuman ability of finding great books.
My mum is practically a great book bloodhound.
Yes, that is a great idea. Get it, read it, like it. Or else . . .
2 months ago
Congrats, my sister!

A three minute wall sit?
Guitar, ey? Would that happen to be bass as well?
2 months ago
Thanks, bro!

Yeah, my little sister can beat me though. She's really good.
Nope, acoustic.
2 months ago
stick, I need to buy a bass, cool model! stick
2 months ago
Well that's cool, the guitar is a great instrument to be able to play.
2 months ago
ah yes we read Ralph Moody's books too
2 months ago
What songs do you like playing on the piano, D_R?
2 months ago
@Snap, Yeah, it sounds so amazing, and it's quite versetile.

@Fireblade, Really?????!!!!! YEAH! *jumps on my bed and does a failed backflip out the window* FINALLY I'VE FOUND SOMEONE WHO READS RALPH MOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Op, I like playing soundtracks, I can play a little LOTR music and some Anne of Green Gables. I'm also learning River flows in you a really pretty piano song.
2 months ago
D_R: That's cool! I love playing soundtracks as well. I play a few other songs, but not much sheet music, mostly improv. It's a lot of fun.
2 weeks ago
... I can't believe I didn't see this, and even missed it by a month
... I feel terrible... Oh well, congrats! I could tell this was sorta inspired by my build, I mean... dark rocks, mirky gray water, purple stone, dark robed figure, light gray jacket, you jumping... yeah, definitely some similarities there
. Though, I feel honored that I have inspired you, and feel like writing a story connecting both our models--

*coughing, hacking, and utter repulsive and excessive throat noises*

Me: Do I even have to ask who this is...

Random dude: GREENFLAME24!!! Don't you DARE consider writing another story!

Me: I'm sure glad you didn't answer my question, because it was rhetorical.

Random dude: GREENIE! Did you even listen to me! Kid, listen.... *takes breath*... you literally just started a long story, and you have at least two more parts of your CyberFlame story to write.

Me: Hey! I hadn't announced I was going to write a fourth part yet, you spoiler!

Random dude: You deserve it.

Me: Turns heel and walks away.

I really hate that virus, he's almost as bad as covid. Anyways, what was I saying... Oh well, whatever. I've actually only heard of AP out of all your authors... sadly... also, I love most of the songs you posted! I used to be able to play both In Christ Alone (my former favorite song, I love seeing it at the end of all your posts) and 10,000 reasons on the piano. Also, why don't you like chocolate?Vous êtes très, très bienvenu. Vous avez été une grande partie de ma vie ici, et je sauterais sur l'occasion de vous rencontrer en personne ~ Gabe

What are you going to stick beneath the floorboards in the Pikelet?
185 models | 15.6k views
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