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The Light Side or Dark Side
Published 2 weeks ago
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Will you train as a Padawan hopeful that one day you will become a Jedi Knight? Or fall in darkness as a Sith Acolyte slowly working your way up the chain of deceit to become a Sith Lord. Join the ultimate battle for the galaxy by pledging your allegiance to one side or the other. Put yourself in Jedi or Sith robes and arm yourself with your weapons. The two sides will battle each other in physical, mental and other challenges. I stay as a GREY Jedi, I fight for neither side but will aid either side if they ever need my help.
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2 weeks ago
Heh heh! Dark side all the way, my guy!
2 weeks ago
I shall join the light side of the force, somebody's got to save their butts
2 weeks ago
do I have to add in backstory, name, weapons, skills stuff like that?
2 weeks ago
Hmmm… If I were a game or movie character, it’d be fun to be on the Dark Side.
If I really had to choose which side to fight on, though, I’d prefer to help the good guys.
2 weeks ago
Power, Unlimted power!

Count me as a dark lord my g
2 weeks ago
∞ ϟ ♔ ⚯ △ ➵
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