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1859 News-3/16/2020
Published 10 months ago
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Good evening everyone, Bishop here again, and welcome back to Bishop News!
Sorry again for my even recenter absence, I was busy hanging with my best friend and today just celibate my brother's birthday, bonus points if you remember his account username from awhile ago!
And now with micro-byte with the weather!
Micro-Byte: Wait, this is a regular now? Well, anyways, it should be, warming up, probably?
Micro: Not for long...
Hey, has this sign still been saying "Your Welcome?"
Sign: sorry
It's cool...
Micro: (for now...)
Anyways, a while ago there was a ton of heat between first TG and CJ, and then TheCalcMan and pretty much everyone, let's hope no one quits while CJ is having an identity crisis...
And, can we talk for a sec? At first, I thought this corona virus was gonna be like the flu, I got it for two days and I honestly forgot it. But now, my school has been closed for a week or two, maybe three. I'll notify you guys if I get it, but I'm confident I'll survive. All I'm telling you to do is stay safe and wash your hands often, and now I have an excuse not to go out much! XD
Anyways, that's all for now, good night folks, and have a good one!
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10 months ago
As always nice broadcast!
I see another pufferfish!
And WoW! Your school is closed? Mines not! But do you still get lots of online homework?
And Nice coverage of other Topics!
10 months ago
It's snowing at my house right now XD so much for warming up.
10 months ago
Nice broadcast!
Let's hope no one here gets sick. My school will almost definitely stay open.
10 months ago
My mom predicts school's gonna be out till september(5 month's)
10 months ago
I got calc to stay-y! I got calc to stay-y! I got calc to stay-y!
10 months ago
Thanks everyone!

MM: It has corona time! XD
MrBrick: Oh, well, that was just my prediction!
GavGeist: I'd love to have you! What role where you thinking?
LBC: Thanks for helping!
10 months ago
@bishop1859:upcoming event's,new release's,etc..
10 months ago
Sounds good guys!

You can make a figure if you want, or just link me your choice of figure!
10 months ago
@LCB Well, yes, you did. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a very good memory, and the unfair fact that CJ got no warning whatsoever is still kept in mind.

@Bishop1859 If you want to have me in something....well...you already made a sigfig for me XD
10 months ago
My first thought was that there is only 12 months, but then i realized there are many date formats.
10 months ago
Calcman: Would you like a job here?
RaceGYT: What?
Obsidian: *Pecks you with plague doctor mask*
10 months ago
some kids were talking about the corona virus and i said to them that "I AM THE CORONA VIRUS!"
10 months ago
@Bishop1859 Maybe, maybe not. I don't think I would fit XD. But hey, that's what guest appearances are for.
10 months ago
really MOCmaster
you still go to school ?
my is closed from 2 weeks
10 months ago
Well, I just got news that it's closing on Friday!
10 months ago
Woah y'all go to school huh?
10 months ago
Every where is shutting down here, I’m in South Carolina, but wow, yeah, and what’s his username?
10 months ago
we interrupt this transmission
bishop, ferrabricks at the microphone there is a lego cow on my roof, change and short, XD
9 months ago
"And if you zoom in, you can see that this cityscape is a mere green screen."
2 months ago
OK if I borrow this model to create an animation movie in Blender?
2 months ago
(heck i can even give voices, including the robot!)
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