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Star Wars, Rise of the Empire, Chapter 2
Published 11 months ago
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Star Wars, Rise of the Empire
Chapter 2

The sleek, grey ship flew into the inky blackness of space. Carl flipped the autopilot switch and turned in his seat to look at Jade. "What happened out there?" "What do you mean?" "At the ravine. You used some kind of magic to pull me out. What was that?" "Ok Carl, I think it's about time I told you about my past." Jade said. "I am, or I was... a Jedi." "A Jedi!" Carl said, disbelief written all over his face. "Yes. A Jedi. When I was a baby, I was taken to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. I trained for ten years until and became a padawan." "What's a padawan?" "An apprentice. Anyway I was training with my master when clones attacked the Jedi temple. My master and I escaped and managed to get off world. We came here and the Empire took him away. Then I lived on the street for a while until I met you." "So you can use that Jedi magic... the Force? Is that what you used?" "Yeah. I wasn't thinking. I just reacted." Carl turned back to the ship controls. "Well I'm very glad you did. Anyway, what are we going to do about our parents?" "Uh... well," Jade though hard. "I know! What about Mr. Dain? You know, Dad's friend on Argol. Couldn't he help us?" Carl grew exited, "Yeah! And Argol isn't too far from here. Only six parsecs! We could easily get there." "Ok," Jade said sitting down in the co-pilot seat. "Lets jump to hyperspace." "Wait." Carl called. "I can't put the coordinates in the navicomputer without a astromech droid. It's far too risky. One miscalculation and we could end up crashing into a planet or a star. We used to keep one on the ship for emergencies." "Right. You stay here and I'll find the droid." Jade ran from the cockpit and down several hallways. "It's most likely in the cargo bay." came Carl's voice over the comm. Jade dashed into the cargo bay and looked around. Standing in a corner was a astromech droid. She ran over and powered it on. "Hey, droid wake up," she said, shaking it. The droid whistled and looked up at her. "I'm Jade and we need your help." "Jade?" Carl's voice was laced with concern. "The Empire must have heard about our escape. We have tie-fighters coming. I hope you found that droid!" "Come on droid!" Jade said. The droid beeped. "Ok BP-20-20, lets go!" The girl and the droid dashed though the corridors to the cockpit. Carl turned to look as they ran in. "Good. Now droid," "His name is BP-20-20," "I know, I built him. BP-20-20, can you give the navicomputer the coordinates for the planet Argol? And hurry?" BP-20-20 rolled over to the astromech plug-in and programmed the coordinates. Two tie-fighters screamed towards them as the ship jumped smoothly into hyperspace. "Now to Argol," Jade said, looking out into the swirling blue rings of hyperspace. "Lets hope Mr. Dain can help us."

The ship left hyperspace and the green planet of Argol came into sight, growing larger and larger in the veiwscreen. "Beepi can you take us to Mr. Dain?" asked Jade. Beepi whistled in affirmation and started guiding the ship towards the southern half of the planet. The ship drew near a large city and landed in a spaceport. The two children exited the ship and looked around. Beepi beeped and Jade turned to Carl. "He wants to come with us." Carl sighed, "we've been over this. He has to stay here to protect the ship. We'll be perfectly safe, no one knows who we are and we have your map Beepi. Come on Jade." Jade and Carl left the spaceport and were soon lost in the crowd. Beepi rolled back inside the ship and closed the boarding ramp. But he couldn't shake the feeling of unease that came over his processing circuits.

The two kids walked though the streets of the city. Carl kept a keen eye on Beepi's map while Jade looked out for stormtroopers. They made it to Dain's house without incident and knocked on the door. "Mr. Dain? It's me, Carl Bricker. Do you remember my parents? We need your help!" No one answered. "Mr. Dain!" Carl tried again. A Twi'lek came walking down the street. "Please sir," Carl said. "Do you know the man who lives here?" "Dain Lender? Yes I knew him." "What do you mean, "knew him" where is he?" Jade said. "All I know kids is that he was taken by the Empire not three days ago. I'm sorry." the Twi'lek walked off. "Oh no. No no no no." Carl sank to the ground. "What are we gonna do Jade?" "We should probably get back to the ship Carl." The children walked back down the streets to the spaceport. When they reached their ship however, they found stormtroopers everywhere. "Oh come on!" Jade said. "What now?" Carl walked up to the nearest stormtrooper. "Excuse me sir," he said. "What is happening with that ship?" "This ship is being impounded for illegal landing." "But that's my ship!" "Do you have a permit to land here?" "No but..." "Come with me. Both of you." The trooper made a grab at Carl but he ducked away and ran. "Come on Jade!" he called. "You after them!" They heard the trooper call. They raced into an street and around several corners, until the pound of pursuing feet grew faint. "What are we going to do?" Jade said. "Maybe I can help." A shadowy figure walked out of a doorway. She was dressed in a long hooded robe. The horns on her head marked her as one of the Togurta species. "Who are you?" Jade asked. "You sound familiar..." "My name is... Ashla. Your ship has been taken by the Empire. I can help you get it back If you give me a ride off Argol." "Just a minute please," Jade said. She turned to Carl. "I think we should let her help us." She whispered. "What! We don't even know her. she could be a spy of the Empire." "She's not a spy." "How do you know? Do you know her?" "I don't know. But she is familiar. I just don't know but I think we should trust her." "Ok. I'll take your word for it." Jade turned back to Ashla. "Right. Help us get our ship back and we'll get you off Argol."

They walked back to the spaceport, careful to keep out of the way of any stormtroopers. They came in sight of the ship. "You two stay here and keep out of sight. I'll distract the stormtroopers." Ashla walked towards the stormtrooper captain. Carl pulled out his comlink and called, "Beepi? Beepi! Come in!" A whistling came over the comm and Carl handed it to Jade. "I don't speak binary. Tell him to open the ramp and be ready to fly." Jade spoke urgently to the droid. The ramp lowered. "Look." Carl said. Ashla was speaking to the stormtrooper captain and showing him something on a datapad. Suddenly, she pivoted and rammed her elbow into the stormtrooper's helmet. The trooper reeled and fell to the ground. "After her!" the other stormtroopers yelled and raced after Ashla. "Quick!" Jade said and they ran up the ramp into the ship. "Beepi I hope you're ready to fly!" Carl called. The ship lifted off just as Ashla came running towards it. The ship was rising higher and higher. Ashla gave a mighty leap and landed on the ramp. "Close the ramp Beepi!" Jade said. The ramp closed and the ship lifted into space.
They made their way to the cockpit and sank down in the seats. "Thanks for your help Ashla." Jade said. "No problem. I needed to get off that planet." She threw back her hood, revealing her face. Jade started, then peered more closely at her face. "No way!" She said, leaping up from her chair. "It is you!" "Wait, it's who?" Carl said looking confused. "I knew I recognized you! You're Ahsoka! Ahsoka Tano!"

End of Chapter 2

I hope you liked this chapter and I'm sorry it took so long. I've been pretty busy with school starting and everything. Don't forget to give criticism and reviews!

Prologue: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/Geje6yQmvKX

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Epilogue https://mecabricks.com/en/models/KbjQdrMP2dG
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11 months ago
This is amazing, I really enjoyed reading it and the model looks really good with scenery. I also love how you introduced Ahsoka. Two things you could work on for the next part are are the dialogue, which has some grammar mistakes and the length of the chapters, this would have been better as two ir three separate parts.
11 months ago
Awesome! Just a couple grammar errors, and maybe add some more in depth dialogue, but other than that it's great!
11 months ago
Thanks @XForce198! I'll try to cut the chapters down a bit next time. This chapter was actually cut down a lot to get it this size. I'll work on the grammatical errors.

@MrBrick Thanks!
11 months ago
You're welcome!
11 months ago
i love it!the scenery!the story!the story!...length!people are saying there are some grammar mistakes but i don't see them!
keep up the good work!
11 months ago
Oh and good job on adding more scenery!
11 months ago
You're welcome!
11 months ago
I have a Captain Rex minifigure if you want to use him.
11 months ago
Awesome!!! I love how in depth it got, and the scene you built was so much better. The way that you used so many different literally devices, but still managed to keep a good flow was great, and I love how you gradually worked Ahsoka in there. I swear if you aren't a writer...
11 months ago
@Guitarman2, Thanks! I'll see... I'm not sure if I'm gonna have Captain Rex in this story much as I like his character.

@Rubrickscube, thanks man! I found that I like writing a lot more than I thought! So I hope we'll have more stories coming once this one is finished!
11 months ago
Isn’t there a canon book that describes Ahsoka’s life right after Order 66? When she was on Mandalore fighting Darth Maul or whatnot? Might conflict with this, but it’s a fan story so who the heck cares XD.
Nice job!
11 months ago
Yes, there is a cannon book about Ahsoka, that's where I got the name "Ashla" from. But the fighting on Mandalore was set maybe a few months to a year after order 66 and this story is set four years after Order 66 so it shouldn't clash. As you said, who cares? Thanks!
11 months ago
Fast pace, good story and introduction of a famous character... Great !
Really enjoyed readind this.
The scenery is very nice also
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