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The Master of Light
Published 5 months ago
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I finally figured out the transparent glow on the hands lol!
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5 months ago
This is so cool, and I love the render, is this suit replacing your old one?
5 months ago
Yes @XForce198 I guess I could say this is replacing the old one so it could match up to my element!
5 months ago
thank you! I did a render then edited it in my art app. I love it!
5 months ago
I love your new sigfig, it looks great! What app do you use?
5 months ago
Also, do you want me to change your suit on the Ninja of Mecabricks?
5 months ago
I don't mean to repeat XForce. But, would you like me to change you in the Friends of ApocalypticBrick
5 months ago
changing the uniform is up to you
5 months ago
@XForce198 I see you are interested in the app I use to create my avatar, The art app is called Krita

However, I would like to make a proposal.

I do something called ArtTrades, It's when two people draw each others characters

If you make a render of myself and some other ninjago character of your choosing, I will be happy to make you as a poster and you can use it for an avatar. But of course it is up to you!
5 months ago
That sounds great, I would love to do something like that. We should talk about it more in PM.
5 months ago
smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes!! This rendering is so beautiful! The pose catches my eyes immediately! Thank you so much for making this amazing render!
5 months ago
Thanks FrenchFry means a lot!
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