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Incom T-68 "X-wing" Starfighter
Published 3 years ago
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The T-68 X-wing was adopted by the New Republic as a heavy starfighter within a year of the polities' existence, along with similar advanced strike-craft such as the A-wing intercepter and B-wing fighter-bomber. This trend would continue, as the Republic relied heavily on its starfighter force.

The T-68 was an upgraded version of the earlier T-65, which, while a formidable fighter craft, did have a two major deficiencies from the Republic's point of view- first, the rear-facing actuators for the craft's S-foils were remarkably vulnerable to battle damage, and secondly the ship's avionics package and sensor suite were less capable than the Republic wanted for a fighter capable of independent operations.

As a result, rather than adopt the T-65 as-is, Incom and Coreillan Engineering Corporation collaborated to create the T-68, an upgraded model specifically for the New Republic's burgeoning space navy.

The ship featured an improved avionics package, better shielding, and more rugged sensors, as well as a smaller dedicated shield covering its rear aspect.

New, more efficient power systems being introduced at the time also allowed the craft greater engine performance, though ultimately the gain was marginal due to slightly increased weight from its improved systems.

The craft were operated by a single pilot with assistance from an astromech droid; the improved avionics systems allowed the coupling of Droid reaction times and an organic pilot's instinct to produce a product far greater than the sum of its parts.

Indeed, though there were many other craft that could out-perform the X-wing in two or three areas, the craft is regarded as perhaps the greatest general-purpose, multi-role starfighter ever produced.

Equally at home dogfighting with other craft, conducting bombing runs on installations or capital craft, or engaging in reconnaissance missions, the ship's ability to do well in any role made it one of the the backbone of the New Republic's fighter-heavy battle doctrine.

Additionally, the ship's integral hyperdrive, while only a class 2, was built tough, simple, and easy to repair, allowing the ships to operate with far more independence than their Imperial or Confederate counterparts.

The New Repbulic would continue to operate the T-68 until the collapse of the Galactic Empire following Emperor Palpatine's assassination, as the more advanced and powerful T-70 was developed shortly before the assassination.

The ship would live on however, as many local security firms and accredited mercenary groups would purchase the surplus ships, many system police forces also acquired a few wings of the craft following the T-70's development.

Eventually, Incom would even create the T-68E Export model, which was moderately popular in the smaller breakaway states and in some portions of the Confederacy (which was by that point de-facto allied to the Republic) and would be a common sight in second-line defense forces effectively into the modern day.

While X-wings were not the most prolific fighter ever built- the Vulture Droid having taken that title long before it ever left the drawing board- it was one of the longest-produced and certainly most balanced craft ever produced.
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