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6582-1: Daredevil Flight Squad
Published 10 months ago
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The build is 99.9% complete, only missing stickers and decals; I also had to use an alternative wheel hub.


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The "Extreme Team" theme came out in 1998 and lasted for two seasons, with the initial line-up of 6-7 sets, plus several promotional items for Japanese sweets "Kabaya." The series featured some outrageous vehicles of every type: ground, water, and airborne.

It was a well-timed concept, with extreme sports at the peak of its popularity around that time; many sports networks in Europe would broadcast thematic events for hours. Over in the United States, ESPN just established "X Games" a few years prior in Rhode Island, with significant media coverage.

Alongside the "Extreme Team," Lego also launched a similarly-styled "Res-Q" theme in 1998, featuring very aggressive and over-the-top "sporty" emergency response vehicles. It seems like both design teams must've shared at least some of the mood boards and references when creating "Res-Q" and "Extreme Team" models!

Lego introduced a few characters with the "Extreme Team" theme, all sharing the same torso with a red X logo on a black racing jacket (sleeve color varied for each figure). The leader of the pack, Daredevil Tom, drives a monster truck and wears oversized black sunglasses and a red helmet. With white bangs and in a purple helmet, Jimmy Brave accompanies him. The team's third member is Fearless McCoy—sporting a green cap and blue sunglasses.

This set no. 6582 'Daredevil Flight Squad' only came out in the United States, and it had 288 parts and three minifigures included. The jet airplane is the largest "Extreme Team" vehicle, but the set overall is only the third-largest in the theme (even though it comes very close behind the 'Drag Race Rally' no. 6568, which has just a few more bricks in the inventory).

The model depicts an Air Show with a helicopter and a turbojet airplane (maybe the most insane-looking and extreme 1990s Lego aircraft, as far as design goes). The ground crew has a tiny truck that can tow either an Octan fuel tanker or an airplane. The driver wears Town's firefighters uniform (but a regular helmet, though, without a proper gas mask).

The jet airplane is colossal and epic. It doesn't really have pronounced wings or tail section, constructed around an enormous jet engine with massive nozzles spewing fire in the rear. The entire cabin swings downwards at 90°, similar to some 'jumbo jets,' except it only reveals a pilot's seat, not a cargo area.

The helicopter also has a very aggressive and sporty look. It has a large canopy and landing gear mounted on bi-level wing plates—an exquisite design, and among some of my favorite Lego helicopters.

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6473-1: Res-Q Cruiser

6334-1: Wave Jump Racers (1996)

6545-1: Search N' Rescue (1996)
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