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Armageddon Chapter 5
Published 12 months ago
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"Want me to get you a tricycle," Hammond called, "or would you prefer a big-boy bike?"
Snap slumped his shoulders and glared sullenly at Hammond Bourne. "Very funny," he called back.
"Yes, I'm extremely funny."

Hammond had taken them over a rise, and as they reached the crest, they saw about ten old jalopies, painted in different colors, and all in various states of condition.
"This is our scrapyard... I mean, garage," he had said, pointing to the rusty lot. "If you want to get to town, then you have to drive there." He smiled, then winked at both of them. "Take your pick, laddies."
Snap had harrumphed in indignation, but Hammond chose to ignore it as he headed to a nicer-looking red car, hot-rodded to the point of breaking apart at the slightest touch. IB headed towards a safer-looking green one, but sighed heavily as he reached it.
"Hey, Snap!" IB called, looking suspiciously at the car Hammond was getting into. "All of these have one seat. Have you been taught to drive properly yet? Because... I really can't take you with me, unless you ride in the trunk." His tone was humorous, but he looked down awkwardly as Snap raised an eyebrow and glared back at him.
"Ah, I guess you'll just have to take the sidecar," Hammond howled with laughter, pointing towards a dilapidated-looking wreck on the far side of the lot. "There's only one, but she's a beast. A dead, very dead beast."

It was a motorcycle. An extremely old motorcycle. One you would see on a World War II display, but it definitely wouldn't honor its cause. Pathetic, thought Snap, just pathetic.


"Gas is in the back! Don't be late!" Hammond called as he zoomed away across the sand.
"I'm seriously wanting to kill that guy," Snap said, glancing over at IB. "Whaddabout you?"
"Not really. I don't think he really left us, Snap. He's just playing with us, I think."
"Well, I'd like him to stop. It's getting on my everloving nerves."
IB laughed softly, then focused on the task at hand. "He said the gas was in the back, right?"
"Yeah, I guess. For all I care, he can go to---"

Snap was interrupted by a blast of wind, and felt as though a sandstorm had overtaken the both of them, when he heard a suspiciously familiar, and somewhat welcome voice. IB coughed, then brushed himself off. He turned towards the voice, and was immediately blown back by another blast of sand.

"Hello, mates!"
"J2?" IB asked, confusion and uncertainty peppering his tone.
"Yep, it's me!"
Snap stepped out of a nearby cloud of sand, scowling viciously at J2. "What in tarnation was THAT?"
"Just a little trick," J2 replied with a smirk. "Seems as though I'm the only one with superpowers here. Ninja-type stuff, you could call it."
"Well, the little ninja inside you will just have to play dead," Snap spat back at the younger boy.
"Hey, hey," IB said, throwing his hands up in the air. "This isn't the time, or the place for fighting. Also, how in the world did you get here? I assumed Hammond, Snap, and I were the only ones."
"You're definitely not alone," J2 replied, shaking his head. "There are other worlds, as I've figured it. We're in some sort of place called 'Vildana', and according to the Citadel's readings, life signs have been spotted about a mile north of here. I've theorized that we've landed in some sort of alternate dimension, and time might be progressing at a slower rate... Just my thoughts, or LW has affected me with nonsensical Stargate information."
"Perhaps we are orbiting a celestial body of exceptionally high mass, such as a neutron star or black hole. Gravitational time dilation will do that to you. Alternatively, you could travel at ridiculous velocities for some time which would also do the trick," IB responded thoughtfully.
"Enough mumbo-jumbo," Snap said flatly, raising an eyebrow. "Let's get going."
J2 laughed. "This pile of junk won't take you anywhere, believe me. We better walk, folks." His eyes glinted. "Or you walk, I'll fly. How's that?"

Another buffet of wind, and J2 was gone.

"How does he do that?!?"
"I honestly have no clue," IB told Snap, blinking to get the sand out of his eyes.

They both trodded down the windy slopes in the direction Hammond was going, coughing and sneezing violently.

A little while later, a few huts popped into view over the horizon, and IB hung his head in exhaustion. Once or twice, a cloud had passed in front of the sun, for which they both were thankful, but it was still dreadfully hot. IB happened to glance up, and through a white, fluffy cumulus to see the top of a structure peeking through the sky - a tower of sorts - but he disregarded it. I might be seeing things, he thought wearily. Soon, they would arrive in the village, and he would check it out then.

"Ah yes," Hammond cried, striding up to them, "you've finally seen the Citadel! Impressive, isn't it?"
"Holy moly," Snap cried. "You came outta nowhere, you Irish... you Irish something!"
Hammond smiled. "That would be 'scut', and yes, I do agree, I am one!"
"Watch your language," IB murmured.
They both looked at him with an eyebrow raised, then went back to their scuffle.
"So, Hammond." IB coughed loudly, getting the boy's attention. "You know J2?"
"Yes... sad case, that boy. Came through a toilet to get here."
"A toilet?"
"Yeah," Snap said, "a toilet?"
"He was flushing a toilet in his nearby mall when it sucked him in and transported him here. Almost came out in one when old Miss Dooley was doing her business. She got up right in the nick of time, though, but you know, we use outhouses here, so you can gather that J2 needed a pretty good cleaning. We had a whale of a time getting him smelling better, and you might like to---"
"I think we get the idea," IB said, holding his stomach. What was this about whales and such? And what was this mystery "Citadel"?

~Meanwhile, in Marshmallow Land. (Yes Mr. Green, Marshmallow Land.)~

Skipping down the floaty, soft pavement, Twiggy twirled around. How wonderful it was to be here, she thought happily!

D_R coughed, and pulled her hand from Twiggy's before it was ripped off from all the darn spinning... How delightful, D_R thought. I get to have my wrist dislocated, and we can't even take this lunatic to an asylum.

Gav turned around to look back at the apartment. His hands were still shaking quite a lot, but he tried to hide them in his pockets. If only they knew. If only he could tell them! He didn't have to act this way, or try to hide his guilt. They would understand, wouldn't they? He had helped bring them to this place, he would help get them back out.

"You all right, Gav?" D_R asked, slowing down to come into pace beside him. "You're acting strange."
"I'm fine," he responded quietly, "just don't let Twiggy get too far ahead. I'll catch up."
"If you want, we can ditch her."
Gav laughed at that, since D_R had said it in all seriousness. "Nah, we need a way to get out of here somehow."
"Children!" Twiggy called from somewhere up ahead. "You absolutely have to see this!"
They both looked at each other suspiciously, then quickly bounced ahead.

D_R and Gav tumbled to a stop (for it's very hard to suddenly slide to a stop on clouds, trust me), and gulped as they saw what Twiggy was pointing at. Flashes of pixelated white light lit up the road, for something was emerging out of nothing in the middle of the air, right smack on top of Twiggy.

A tank.

Both of them winced.

The tank hit the ground with a soft shufff and the bright light disappeared slowly, pixels of gray and white still fluttering in the air.

Some scuffle could be heard inside the turret, then the top hatch popped open, and a masked face appeared. An armored face, more like it. A black metal mask covered the face of a stocky teenager, as his top half rose from the opening, and his mouth was covered with some sort of cloth scarf. "Greenie, I think we landed in the wrong place," he said, and a brown head of hair immediately shot up beside him, but he shoved it back down with a hand.
"The pen works, I tell you!"
"No it doesn't..."

For the first time, the masked teenager seemed to notice D_R and Gav gaping at the tank. "Well, what can I do for you?" he asked, with a hint of irritation. "The name's Jaylor, but you can call me the Operator - that's what my friends like to call me, of course. 'Cause I 'operate' this baby. Me and Greenie here, well we're Hoppers. Say hello, Greenie."
"'Ello!" they could hear a voice say, as a head pushed its way up beside Jaylor. He shoved it back down again.
"You said hello, Greenie. No need for them to see you."

D_R blinked. Gav stood still, then gulped. "You do realize crushed our only tour guide?" Gav cried, eyes wide.
"No problem at all, it's happened before. Y'know, while Greenie shoves his butt back down there to man the gun, I guess I'll introduce you to the tank driver. I don't drive this baby, but I'm the Operator, obviously. I found her, she's mine. MB just knows how to drive... I don't."

Another cover in the turret raised, and a friendly face grinned out.

D_R's face went red.


It couldn't be.

Her crush, here.

- Yes, MB, she has a crush on you (in this story, that is).

It's just a writer's choice! Stop throwing fruit at me, dude! -

"Why hello," he said, in a smooth voice. "Surprised to see you here! Howdy-doo!"
"Uh... hi."
"You're looking flustered... something wrong?"
"N-no, nothing at all." D_R smiled and gave a small wave, gulping. "What are you doing here?"
"The better question would be, what are you doing here?"
"I don't quite know," she responded, blinking.

"Help!" a muffled voice cried.
Gav pointed under the tank to where an arm stuck out beneath the right treads. "Twiggy?" he called, leaning closer.
"Yeah!! I'm alright! Just get this dastardly piece of machinery off of me!"

MrBrick looked bewildered for a moment as he realized that there was someone trapped under their tank. He sidled back into the turret, and the tank started moving backwards.

Twiggy's limp form lay squashed into the clouds, sputtering. "How dare that beastly thing squish me like that! My father will hear about this!"
She slowly rose, eyes flashing, then brushed herself off. Then she smiled sweetly at D_R, and turned to face the tank. Operator visibly winced as he saw her. "Sorry 'bout that, ma'am."
She glared at him through her glasses, and raised her chin. "I will not be tread upon from here on out, furthermore, young man!"
"Yes ma'am."
"Now, I was leading these two lovely children to the Tower, as it is an interesting sight to behold! If you climb out of that... machine, then you may join us!"
Greenie popped up beside Operator, a shiny silver pen in his hand. "No need for walking!" he shouted loudly, pushing against the hand on his head, forcing him back down. "This pen can do anything! Op, will you quit?"
Operator snorted. "You put in your two cents, now shut it."
"Okie dokie."

It was hard to tell from behind the mask, but the stocky teenager seemed to grin, as if to say, "Score one for me! He really shut up!"


Gav looked to the side nervously. He could play this up. He could do it.

"Well, let's go, then!" he cried, fake excitement in his voice. "I want to see this Tower you speak of."
Twiggy turned to him with a look of surprise, then gave a big smile, showing all of her teeth in the process. Blindingly bright white ones.

"Let's go then," she responded, jumping happily. "Off to the Tower we go! Come along children!"

~Meanwhile, in Grime~

I was silently bobbing up and down. On the wings of angels. Yay. I was too young to die. I opened my eyes, and what to behold...

I felt humiliated.

"Hello, LW," Kaya said, running her tongue across her teeth.

I was in her arms.

In her freaking arms.

"What the heck happened?" I asked with confusion. "And will you kindly put me down?"
"I'll answer question one first," she said with a wink. "One of those monsters bowled ya over, and it took mass amounts of your health away. If you lose any more of it, you'll die, or respawn, that's what Nerdz figures. By the way, you killed it. Direct shot between the eyes." She giggled, squeezing me lightly.
"Hold up... my health?"
Kaya stopped and Nerdz peered over me, motioning for Cliff to retrace his steps back to us. "Heya LW, nice job back there. We're just finding you some quick old medkits, and you'll be just fine."
"Okie doke."
"The thing is," he coughed, uncomfortably readjusting a wrist gauntlet, "if dear old Kaya here drops you, you'll probably die. Just like that. Or respawn. You lost a ton of health. You'll probably die, now that I think about it."
"Oh, that's always nice to hear." I looked at them both with a smile. "I need some questions answered quick. How do you know my health is magically gone? I can rest or something."
Nerdz gave Kaya a look, and she made a little squeamish noise. "Well," he said, "there's something Kaya would like to tell you."
She coughed. "There's a little healthbar that appears only when you take damage in this place. It's like a game. I don't know, like some sort of open-world thing, as Nerdz puts it. Oh hey, Cliff!" She waved to him as he strode over, and continued. "Cliff has something very important to tell you. Tell him, Cliff."
"Well, first we need to get to the Terminal. There are supplies there." He jerked a thumb towards his backpack. "That's where we got some of the stuff in my pack, although the suits were in a little shed nearby."
"Alrighty then," I responded with mock-excitement, "let's go! I'm so ready to visit the Terminal. Subway trains are fun."
Cliff and Nerdz rolled their eyes in fluid motion, and said in unison, "It's a tower, buddy."
"Oh, I apologize... should've given it a better name."

A little while later, Nerdz dragging his feet from exhaustion, Cliff sweating profusely, but moving on steadily, and Kaya bouncing on her feet, we finally reached the Terminal. Before I describe the beast of a building rising high into the sky, I'd better put in that I probably had a concussion by that point, since my brain was jarred to no end by Kaya bouncing up and down. Seriously. I needed to see a doctor.

The Terminal was Orthanc. Just Orthanc. If you've never seen The Two Towers, then look into it sometime, it'll explain away what I'm trying to explain away here. Gray streaks ran through it, and a pulsing yellow light emitted from the center through large openings in its sides. A ladder ran up the side of it for as far as I could see, and a little door didn't welcome us in from the bottom. Unwelcoming. Not welcoming at all. Capeesh?

Cliff was looking suspiciously up and down the structure, I don't blame him, I'd be suspicious of it too. "The quickest fix is about two-thirds up there, since I'm positive there's a small medbay built into the tower."
Nerdz nodded, and I - unfortunately - felt Kaya do the same. Man, I needed a doctor.
Climbing the ladder would be easy, right? Wrong. Kaya wanted to hold me the entire time. Her drone was extra-antsy... must be her mood. She was jittery, and looked a bit worried whenever she glanced at me. As she climbed up the first few steps following Cliff and Nerdz, she was in good spirits and my head wasn't bouncing so much anymore. It was very uncomfortable and quite frightening to be suspended 50 or so feet up in the air with no strength to reach out and cling to the ladder, but Kaya held me in both arms, using her body to balance and sometimes using a hand to hold onto the rungs whenever she needed to steady herself. Nerdz checked on us every few minutes, and it seemed as though we were doing just fine.
"Medbay is up ahead," Cliff called down faintly. "There's a little sheltered bit up here, don't miss it!"
The dark clouds loomed up above, and it began to grow very cold. Water droplets formed on my coat, and I could tell Kaya was struggling to not slip on the wet ladder. It wasn't raining - we were just so high up on that tower that the weather began to affect each one of us. I could hear Cliff shout something, but he was too far away to be heard.
Nerdz yelled down to us from about 30 feet ahead. "Kaya, you'd better hurry! It's only gonna get worse as we go!"
Cliff must have reached the medbay by now, I thought with relief.

But then, as I looked farther up and tried to search for an opening, my face cold and my clothes drenched and freezing, Nerdz's head snapped back as something hit it, and he lost hold. No sound came from his mouth he flew off the ladder, hurtling past us. I heard Kaya scream as another dark form took his place, falling in the same direction. Cliff must have slipped. That's all the explanation I needed. I looked up at Kaya's face, and fear and anguish replaced her usually-giddy expression. "Come on," I screamed, "we need to get up there!" I wasn't worried about myself, I was focused on Kaya at that moment. Determined to save her life, I made a choice. It was either one or the other. "Drop me, Kaya!" I cried.
"Just do it!" I pleaded, searching her shocked face. "I will not let you die because of me. There's a chance I'll respawn, like Nerdz said, but you need all the strength you can to get up there. You're not doing so well either." It was true. A health bar had appeared above her head which was halfway full, as she was consuming too much energy. "Please."
Tears streamed down her face, and she loosened her hold on me. She squeezed her eyes shut as she clung to the ladder with a hand, holding me tight around the waist with her other arm. My legs dangled in the air, and lightning struck far off in the distance. She gave me a look of desperation, and her drone bucked, then hit the tower. Sparks showered on both of us as it plummeted down to earth, crashing along the Terminal's sides. Kaya's eyes widened, and I dropped.

They say that your life flashes before your eyes when you're falling. Not really true, in my experience. As the wind whipped past, deafening me, my mind wandered back to when I got sucked into a ceiling fan. Oh, that was fun. Gav and D_R were with me, and I saw one of them pull some sort of device out of their clothes. A remote of sorts, if I remember correctly. One of them set us up. They had to. Somehow, the place where I was now was just a distraction. The Script was literally destroying the world, and I needed my friends to help me stop it. To find the antidote. Someone was trying to stop me, to separate me from my friends. I had to find a way to get out of here. D_R was a fun, lovable book-worm, who you absolutely had to start a conversation with, or she would do it for you. Was it all a front? Gav was... interesting. He was one of the most intelligent members of my gang, and could solve any problem you threw at him, but he said some of the weirdest things when he thought too much. It couldn't be him, could it? Nah. I didn't want to suspect anyone.

As I write this, I know a few things you don't. Who sabotages what, who kills who, and why MrBrick's hairstyle really isn't stolen. Random, I know.

This all happened in the past. That's all you should know. Something bigger is brewing now... something more mysterious, and even harder to defeat. We've all had our hardships. We've made sacrifices. We've made mistakes. That's a part of who we are - it makes us, creates us, molds us.

The run-down buildings and shacks came into my view, and the brown, tattered grass and trees grew closer.

Then I hit the floor.

Fooled ya, didn't I?

Nope, I just hit the ground.

Well then, that was long. Phew.
As you can see from the ending... I might just plan another story in the future. A little bit of Lemony Snicket for ya. For now, I'll finish this one.

Writing this as I go, I am.


That tank will be finished in time for the next chapter, and if A7X is reading this by any chance, I'll have it ready for the Specter Squad soon

God Bless!!

Signing off,

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12 months ago
Ayyyyyyy nice. I can drive tanks, and I have a smooth voice?!
12 months ago
“My father will hear about this!”

12 months ago
"My father will hear about this!" At this point, I died. Just plain died. XD

Wow, talk about an amazing entrance for me! I love how literally NO ONE is serious about this but you and your group. xD

"Bob is not your uncle, silly" He never was . . . .

Overall, phenomenal chapter! All of these have been worth the wait, for sure. And, to be sure, I grin a TON IRL. xD
12 months ago

Impressive, humorous, and entertaining.

Why does Twiggy call people children though, just her character I’m guessing? Do you know her age IRL?

"Meanwhile, in marshmallow land . . ."

12 months ago
Woooow!!! This was worth the wait!

I love all the dialogue and interactions, they're life-like and fun.

"Bob is not you uncle, silly" *Gasp!* How could you possibly know that????

12 months ago
What The Freakin Toenail... *gulp* What The Freakin Toenail... *Gulp* What The Freakin Toenail... *GUlp* What The Freakin Toenail... *GULp* What The Freakin Toenail *GULP* WHAT THE FREAKIN TOENAIL!!! *GULP*

Phew... I think that is enough... perhaps... or should I go on? You decide?
12 months ago
I am now scarred for life.


Obnoxious Papa Munchkin, eh?


Great chapter, laddie!
You actually carried it out! AmI now gonna have to keep up my end of the bargain? Even though I lack a VCR?
Hrm, hrm, quite a conundrum.
12 months ago
Great build as well.

"There is no limit to what strange and intriguing things the imagination will create."

Did you actually make that tank?
12 months ago
Dang bro, this is amazing!!!
Also, I can't
stop :joy laughing!
This was actually really funny! (But also really deep and pretty clever at the same time)
12 months ago
Thank ya! Well... yeah

What I was planning all along, Op, obviously.

Yeah... I'm a little bit too happy-go-lucky with some of the character's personalities.
Yup, I don't have an uncle named Bob

Thank you so much!

Thank you!!

Hmm... I know she's a TFOL, but it's more of her personality in this story.

Thank you so much D_R!

I'm glad you thought so

It's my job to know... stuff.

You have a fascination for toenails, yes? No... go on.

Yesh, Papa Munchkin. Scarred for life!

Thank ya!

Well then... yes, keep your end of the deal. But don't talk about it here, shhhh!

Thanks! Ooh, did all of you there at SnapStudio create that quote?? Genius one.

Yup, and it's fully buildable as well!

Thanks so much Knighto!
12 months ago
He said go on! So I shall... WHAT THE FREAKIN TOENAIL! Ok, enough of that though... so bro... this is amazingly horrible, in a good sorta way. The kinda horrible that people love you know
I mean, it's just so good it's bad... like really bad... but at the same time really good. Everything from O011's bossy character to my idiotic lowly I have no idea one
I can't really describe this story... it's like... agh... how do you say it... really bad?
Or maybe it's not bad at all... just horrible... but also bad... and great at the same time. You know, not good but also really good? But not not good as it it's not written good... or that the story isn't good... but that it's just all bad... but like a good bad... like, really horrible and awesome at the same time. You know, just really complicated.
12 months ago
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
-j2/Happy Mask Salesman
12 months ago
Yes... "Go on," I said, unsuspicious of what was to occur shortly after.

I'll take it as a compliment


Yup, adding in that line soon! I didn't forget

Happy mask salesman?? Can I purchase a few???
12 months ago
@Greeny, *Wraps my brain up in knots trying to decipher what you've written*
O....ok then . . . go on . . .

And I thought Physics was complicated . . . this is a whole new level.
12 months ago
Well people, I shall word by word explain my comment to y'all... actually, never mind... that would take a while. So, just know that this story is really terrible in a good sorta way. So that is a very negatively positive compliment!
12 months ago

Your welcome!

I actually asked if you "built" the tank.
12 months ago
Thank ya!!

Yes, I actually built the tank.
12 months ago
Wow, that’s really good, can’t wait to see the rest of it!

I was just wondering if you used an MOC or set from the library.
12 months ago
Great story, LW! Characters are coming along nicely.
12 months ago
Thanks buddy!

Thanks bro!
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