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6740-1: Xtreme Tower
Published 7 months ago
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The build is 97-98% exact, but the inventory is quite off because I had to use a MOC assembly twice to replace a missing #30185 "3x8x6 Window Bay" part (appear within "Bungee Jumping Tower" and "First Floor" sub-groups, both grouped under the "Xtreme Stunts Tower").

The third MOC assembly is a "[MOC] #3939 Dashboard," see under the "Dashboard" inside the "First Floor" group. I could've just place a blank piece there but went with a couple sloped bricks with similar decals instead to preserve the "look and feel."

I also had to build an alternative spool mechanism for the helicopter. Other substitutes are close to the original or decorative.


https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6740stk01& (Sticker sheet)


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The "Island Xtreme Stunts" was a theme inspired by the eponymous Lego videogame. It came out in 2002, with a line-up of seven sets (and a few limited releases and promotional items), and only lasted for one season.

The theme's characters initially appeared five years prior, in the Lego's first-ever computer game, "LEGO Island," developed by Mindscape in 1997. The project's success prompted Lego to establish a whole software division to create more games, Lego Media International (later rebranded as LEGO Software).

In March 2001, a sequel "LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge" came out. Lego worked with a new game developer, Silicon Dreams, instead of Mindscape this time. At the end of the year, Lego announced a global partnership with Electronic Arts, which committed to co-publish at least 30 Lego-themed software titles, on four gaming platforms, over the next three years.

Among the first games to kick off a new Lego-EA joint venture was a third chapter in the "LEGO Island" saga, a game titled "LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts." It came out on PC, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance in November 2002, and to promote the release, Lego also rolled out an eponymous theme.

Excluding the game-specific aspects, the "Island Xtreme Stunts" is, in a way, a successor to the 1998-'99 theme "Extreme Team." The focus shifted towards individual physical activities, however, rather than racing various outrageous vehicles. So "Xtreme Stunts" sets depict skateboarding, paragliding, wakeboarding, bungee jumping, trike riding, etc. The design style is also more advanced and futuristic, of course, matching the new millennium's City stylistics.

This set no. 6740 'Xtreme Tower' was the largest in the "Island Xtreme Stunts" theme, with 330 parts and six minifigures. Like the rest of the series, it was designed by Bjarke Lykke Madsen, a veteran Lego designer who works for the company for over 23 years.

According to Bjarke Madsen's personal notes (that he kindly provided on Brickset), he never dared to skate or partake in other extreme sports in real life. Working on these models was a great way to channel and relive these feelings and adrenaline-fueled emotions, at least through his minifigs' eyes. On this specific set, the 'Xtreme Tower,' Madsen's favorite part was constructing a bungee jumping functionality, plus using new light-yellow colored bricks.

As per the catalog description, the 'Xtreme Tower' controls the entire island. The main villain, Brickster, alongside two henchmen, tries to seize it, and it's up to Pepper Roni and his friends to prevent the attack.

The building has a large climbing wall, a ground floor lobby with glass doors, panoramic windows, and even a lovely skylight above. There are a mailbox and a foldable dashboard to control some of the island's operations on the first floor. Above stands a rotating tower that houses the central control room, plus a bungee jumping platform.

Vehicles that come with the 'Xtreme Tower' include a Brickster's buggy (finished in rare medium blue color) and a bright-orange Helicopter.

Some of my favorite parts of the build are spiral stairs (the first time I got to use these Lego parts), handrails made out of a flexible hose, and the way Helipad is attached (something so lovely about snapping a lattice directly onto brick studs). The 1x4 flat tile with a full-sized QWERTY keyboard print is just fantastic! I can't believe no Lego designers thought of that before. (So sad it's missing on Mecabricks.)

At the end of the instructions, there's a brief "alternative build" suggested, rearranging parts of the building in four steps to get a different ground structure. I wouldn't describe 'Xtreme Tower' as a proper multi-build set, but it's still nice to have details like that; also speaks for smart design and construction of the building, which is almost modular!

The 'Xtreme Tower' set featured most of the game's key characters. They have lots of exclusive decals and heads, and even lower parts (with various kneepads), so I did my best trying to reproduce them:

The creator of LEGO Island, he also invented the Brickster almost 40 zillion years ago. Infomaniac appears in all three parts of the "Island" saga. According to the game's plot, when he began working on a new Minifigure, the overjealous Brickster stole some bricks and went rogue, deciding to build his own island in space. (A slightly uncanny resemblance to one particular snafu that happened "zillions of years ago" with an apple tree, and a snake, and some jealousy between the creator and his creation, you know... I never played "LEGO Island," though, so maybe it doesn't appear so biblical in the actual game.)

The minifigure is pretty rare, as it only appeared in three sets. First, a polybag with Infomaniac's figure included as a bonus with some CD-ROM copies of the '97 "LEGO Island" game in North America (not available in retail or elsewhere). That version had a simpler torso, with only a tie and "i" logo, and that's the one available here on Mecabricks.

A restyled Infomaniac than appeared in this 'Xtreme Tower' set; he has a more sophisticated jacket decal, pockets and pens sticking out, and a much more detailed portrait.

Finally, a few years after "Island Xtreme Stunts," Infomaniac made his last cameo appearance, together with Pepper Roni and Sky Lane, in Lego Education/Dacta's set no. 9247 'Community Workers.' This extension pack included 30 minifigures or so, mostly just neutral Town and City folks of various professions, plus the "Island" trio for some reason. It was Infomaniac's last wardrobe change, as he was dressed in black pants.

Pepper Roni is the LEGO Island trilogy's main protagonist—a pizza delivery boy and an avid skater. Comes with a skateboard and a "safety harness" around his neck. I suppose, to make various skating tricks easier to perform? Surprisingly, the instructions manual doesn't explain the functioning.

Roni also holds a custom 1x2 tile with a "circuitry" print. It appears to be a computer chip or an electronic key of some type. It must be related to the gameplay, since the model itself doesn't have any designated spot or socket for this Lego part, and it's left unexplained in the catalog or instructions.

Brickster is a theme's villain, active in the entire trilogy. His character also appeared in the "Soccer Mania" videogame, the first joint release between Electronic Arts and LEGO Interactive in June 2002.

A female hero, supposedly Roni's best friend. Sky Lane only appeared in the third game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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