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Theodore Fantasia - Final Earth
Published 8 months ago
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Hello! Here is my entry for your series, Dale. I'm sorry that it took so long, but I hope you can fit this guy in.

Real name: Theodore Ronald Fantasia

Alias (what he normally calls himself, and what people usually call him) : Teddy Fantasy

Age: 25

Weapons: Surplus army concussion pistol, and a sniper rifle (I'll put that in a separate model).

Bio: Was raised in a good family, all the time battling monsters. Then, his older sister was killed in a battle with one of the most powerful monsters of all time, and his mother was wounded for life. He began to question the saneness of going after the monsters to kill them. He decided to leave his family, going under the alias of Teddy Fantasy, and join the Mellows. He's been with them for about 3 years now, and tries to be as laid back as possible. He's secretly insecure and afraid of the monsters, and sometimes gets PTSD of the events of his sister's death. He always carries a surplus concussion pistol though, and prefers to live a little ways away from the Rich guy's house, in his own private dwellings (I'll post a model of them).

Affiliation: Mellow, previously adventurer.

So, I hope that works! Once I have the separate model up, I'll link it here.

God bless you!

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8 months ago
Nice oh and you forgot the XD tag!
8 months ago
Yes! Finally! A mellow! Welcome!
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