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Yet Another Quick Special Announcement!
Published 3 months ago
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Hey everyone! It's me, j2fam77, and today I have yet ANOTHER quick special announcement! I'm starting work on a miniseries I like to call Hydra-Quest!


Ok, so not everyone's counting on a remotely Good series, let alone great, but while I'm writing my book, I'm trying to keep you all entertained, and also I'm not the main character, so it won't be THAT bad. Here's basically what it is:

In 3012 AD, a monster called Hydra attacks Ulithia Island and leaves for a bit, so the chief sends out four roommates to solve the problem. The leader is kind of uneasy, but luckily she has the other three to watch her back! The four elements are: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Light.

Next, here are the rules:

-------------------------------------------Dress Code------------------------------------------

1. If you are a soldier, please wear Dark Red, White, and Blue. If you are the captain, please wear Gold and Dark Red. Try to make it a bit more extravagant than soldier armor.

2. For soldiers, please make the following clothes additionally to your soldier armor minifigure, and put them in the same post please: Formal Attire, Training Armor, Pajamas (sleeping bags and/or beds included), Swimwear, and Casual Attire (optional).

3. For the captain, please make the following clothes additionally to your captain armor, and put them in the same post please: Formal Attire, Training Armor, Pajamas (sleeping bag and/or bed included), Swimwear, and Winter Attire.


4. If you are one of the two other soldiers, this rule doesn't apply to you, but if you are the captain, please make her female so this story can be more original.

5. You can make your own boats if you want, but they will pop up later in the series, so I can't say they'll be there for sure.

All of the rules are required to join, but please don't be mad, I'm trying to expand on my what I do for stories (sort of), sooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
God bless! Enjoy!
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3 months ago
me make captain if that is all right with you.
3 months ago
I’ll join! So I make a soldier with one of the elements listed? And all required outfits.
3 months ago
Do we come up with a bio for them?
2 months ago
What level of technology do you expect, for the weapons & equipment?
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