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70423-1: Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000
Published 1 month ago
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Immerse kids in a fast-paced augmented-reality play experience with the LEGO® Hidden Side™ 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 playset. Download the Hidden Side app and scan the model with a phone to make it come alive – interacting with the model makes things happen in the app. With continuous updates, a unique boss ghost to battle in each set, new mysteries to solve, cool items to find, games to play and ghosts to collect, this LEGO Hidden Side set offers kids a whole new way to play and interact with building bricks! This powered-up school bus toy features cool tech details, like a pull-out command center and flip-out toy cannons, to inspire hours of creative play. With 2 hero minifigures, each with his and her own smartphone, tech genius J.B., 2 haunted workers and cute ghost dog figure, this building set features a lot of fun play-starters.

• Download the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app and point your phone at the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 playset to make this school bus playset for kids come alive. Move the phone around to discover an ever-changing environment hidden around the model.
• This augmented reality toy includes 6 figures: Jack Davids with a smartphone and girl minifigure Parker L. Jackson with a smartphone, tech genius J.B., workers Nanna and Bill, and Davids's ghost dog figure, Spencer.
• This school bus toy features a pull-out command center, flip-out ‘de-haunting’ cannons, rooftop scanners and space for 4 minifigures inside. The portable toilet can change into a brown-tile spitting haunted ghost monster for a lot of silly role-play fun.
• Set in the fictional town of Newbury, where ghosts haunt people and buildings, LEGO® Hidden Side™ playsets let kids play out exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical LEGO models with fully-interactive augmented reality.
• Build and play with the physical set and then bring it to life as you interact with the set while viewing it through the AR app.
• Using the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app is like looking through a window to a cool and spooky Hidden Side filled with challenging mysteries to solve, ghosts to defeat and unique ghost bosses, like Spewer, to overcome in each set.
• To get the full augmented reality experience, a tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included. Compatible with selected iOS and Android devices. Check compatibility at www.LEGO.com/devicecheck. Children should ask permission before going online.
• Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 measures over 5” (15cm) high, 3” (10cm) wide and 11” (29cm) long.

Both the Normal version and the Possessed version are included. Both modes are grouped and can be shown/hidden with the "H key" and the "Eye button" on the left panel.

Missing parts:
• 53801 - Minifigure, Hair Female Mid-Length Wavy with Side Spikes, Hole in Back
• 53821 - Minifigure, Beard Long Wavy
• 56298 - Minifigure, Hair Combo, Googles with Lavender Spiked Top Hair
• 52686 - Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, 2 Braids over Shoulders
• 52684 - Minifigure, Headgear Cap - Short Curved Bill and White Hood
• 35578 - Tire 37 x 14
• 56202 - Dog, Ghost

Missing prints:
• [6275696] - Legs sand yellow
• [6275194] - Torso grey arms
• 3626cpb2435 - Minifigure, Head Alien Ghost with Yellowish Green Face, Slime Mouth and Flames in Back Pattern - Hollow Stud [6300199]
• [6275613] - Torso black arms
• 98138pb109 - Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Sand Green Eye with Black Pupil Partially Closed Pattern [6275891]
• 56298pb01 - Minifigure, Hair Combo, Googles with Lavender Spiked Top Hair with Lime Lenses Pattern [6279104]
• 3626cpb2440 - Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Pink Lips Big Smile with Teeth / Dirt Stains, Angry Pattern - Hollow Stud [6271211]
• 973pb3623c01 - Torso Female Lab Coat over Dark Pink Undershirt with Frankenstein Design and Reddish Brown Belt Pattern / White Arms / Medium Azure Hand [6271761]
• 970c00pb992 - Hips and Legs with Dark Brown Belt, Pocket and ID Badge Pattern [6271763]
• 3069bpb725 - Tile 1 x 2 with Groove with Cell Phone and Dark Red Ghost Patter [6275081]
• 970c00pb0996 - Hips and Legs with Denim Pants, Pockets and Cutouts Pattern [6271742]
• [6276896] - Parker L. Jackson big smile
• 52686pb01 - Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, 2 Braids over Shoulders with Bright Light Yellow Beanie Pattern [6275130]
• 3069bpb723 - Tile 1 x 2 with Groove with Cell Phone and Yellow Ghost Pattern [6275078]
• 970c00pb990 - Hips and Legs with Dark Brown Belt and Dog Bone Key Chain Pattern [6271189]
• 973pb3624c01 - Torso Jacket over White Undershirt and Pockets Pattern / Red Arms / Yellow Hands [6271140]
• 3626cpb2454 - Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Black Eyebrows, Cut on Cheek, Lopsided Smile / Scared Pattern - Hollow Stud [6276891]
• 52684pb01 - Minifigure, Headgear Cap - Short Curved Bill and White Hood with 3 Red Streaks on Black Pattern [6271131]
• 3069bpb724 - Tile 1 x 2 with Groove with Cell Phone and Medium Azure Ghost Pattern [6271133]
• 56202pb01 - Dog, Ghost with Marbled White Pattern (Spencer) [6271329]
• 53801pb01 - Minifigure, Hair Female Mid-Length Wavy with Side Spikes, Hole in Back and Trans-Neon Green Marbled Ends Pattern [6275120]

Other errors:
• Missing stickers: Sticker for Set 70423 - (60524/6273255)
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1 month ago
One of the colors on the color wheel is green, and is supposed to be coral. I would like if you could fix that, please.
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