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New Republic Senate Class Star Destroyer
Published 3 years ago
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The Senate class was, for the Empire at large, the true sign that the New Republic was not simply going to be easily conquered. Despite being nearly identical in size to their own Imperial class ships, the New Republic's main-line capital ship carried over twice the firepower in heavy turbolasers, a formidable point-defense array, and some of the most formidable shields of its day. To add insult to injury, the ships were more maneuverable in realspace thanks to secondary engines AND faster in hyperspace; mounting a class 1.8 Hyperdrive.

Senate class ships carried a lavish point-defense network, consisting of one-hundred and ninety individual L-8 octuple laser turrets, allowing the vessels to enjoy near immunity to fighter craft- nearly seventy thousand shots per minute, after all, could sweep even the largest swarm of fighters from the sky in short order.

Mon Calamari influence within the New Republic's ship-building programs was strong- although the Siege of Dac made the shipyards there inaccessible for the Republic, many Mon Calamari ideas would propagate to the polities' main shipyards at Corellia. The greatest boon for the Republic was their experience with redundant shield and power systems; while technically less efficient than single, powerful generators, the overlapping coverage and sub-shield systems made New Republic vessels extraordinarily durable.

This policy even extended to turrets having their own dedicated shields under the main ship's, greatly increasing protection against fighters- if any managed to run the gauntlet of the ship's point-defenses, they'd find that simply slipping under the ship's shield would not, in fact, allow them to assault its systems with impunity.

This policy of redundancy was extended to the rest of the ship, all critical systems that had to be exposed- such as its hyperspace sensor array, communications systems, and primary shield generators- were doubled up, with multiple redundancies where possible; though some systems were simply too large to mount more than a pair.

This did, however, come at a cost: the ship's paired hangers held only a small number of shuttles or transports, and were primarily intended to allow the ship to take on supplies and personnel in a timely fashion. While single squadrons of X-wings were known to operate off the ship's occasionally, they carried no normal fighter complement.

Equally, as the New Republic's fleet was intended to be primarily a defensive force, the ship lacked the ability to carry large numbers of troops- while they maintained a modest complement of marines as ship security, the legions of troops an Imperial could carry were nowhere in evidence.

Ironically, economic pressure forced the New Republic to rely heavily on Droids for maintenance and even fire-control, though they would never see the same levels of automation the Confederacy utilized. a Senate class carried almost two thousand astromech droids as first-level maintenance and damage-control, and some fifteen hundred more assorted utility droids.
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3 years ago
I would just need to have a proper preview image instead of the buggy black one to tag it
3 years ago
How long did this take? It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's huge!!
2 years ago
Awesome Model! Would it be okay to use this in a Lego animation I'm working on, it would look so cool in it!
1 year ago
I’m making an interior for this. It’s so cool and there’s so much space inside
3 weeks ago
I am a clone war geek and this is cool
1 week ago
Amazing, it's huge!
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