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The Orca Fishing boat
Published 3 years ago
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Originally from 'Jaws" Made from instructions on Youtube. To be used in my next animation "Star-Trek - The Return Home"

Except I mounted a cannon on the front. For the whale hunting scene.

See it in the up coming animation https://youtu.be/5r7FnztV6Hc
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3 years ago
how to watch "Star-Trek - The Return Home" ?
3 years ago
Might want to turn on the denoising option, or crank up the sample count a bit. I spotted some noise over on the window on your latest render. Very nice though!
3 years ago
Drat, that you Samino for that observation. I have had the scene rendering for 2 days and every frame has that noise. Thanks I have corrected it now. You saved me a further 3 days of bad renders. I had forgotten to turn denoise on.

HI Maash, "Star Trek - The voyage home" is a work in progress and as I decided to render in full 1920 x 1080 HD 25 frames a second, It is taking on average 4 days a second to render the heavy scenes like this Orca. Watch this space, but I am guessing it will still be at least 6 months or more before ithe final movie will be ready to view. Got a refurbished i7 coming in from e-waste company so hope I can speed things up with that.

Thanks for your interest.
3 years ago
No problem. Maybe you should try SheepIt! Render Farm?
3 years ago
Thanks Samino. I did consider it, but Sheepit has drawbacks as in I use a lot of png image sequences for my lego minifigure head material (Lip-sync) as well as fluids/ocean which need baking. Anything baked needs the files uploaded which is not just bandwidth but having to deal with the sheepit's restriction of 500mb limit per project unless I start splitting things up. The cache for the orca scene alone is 3.6 Gb which I think may include the cache for the advanced ocean modifier I use to float the boat and animate the sea with the foam etc.

As I often have 3 machines rendering at a time, for weeks a time, I think it would be selfish of me to monopolize a free community facility as well. I may try it out at some stage in the future though when I have a suitable scene, but those scenes tend to be relatively quick to render any way and probably I could get them to work in Eevee any how which is lightning quick in contrast to Cycles.
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