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Tiny Turbos Reborn
Published 4 years ago
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A collaborative LEGO Ideas Project by Azogthedefiler, theforce44, LegoBricker, and myself, Masman8675.

From left to right, Azog's Semi Truck and Camaro, TheForce's Race Car and Truck, LegoBricker's Green Turbo and Orange Turbo, and my Turbos Sráid and Road Hog.

Support the project HERE!
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4 years ago
Can you add the link to the Ideas project?
4 years ago
The semi, truck, Camaro, green car, and maybe the road hog are definitely them best!!!
4 years ago
Thanks! Ngriffin7a, I will once its up.
2 years ago
Thanks CP! I'd have to disagree with your opinion on the render though, it's for sure not my best work.
2 years ago
What would you say is your best render?
2 years ago
Wow! Those are both very good! I can't really get my Lego renders to look very good, but my 3D scenes I create in blender are more realistic. Do you make any non-Lego themed things in blender?
2 years ago
I've done a few things, but I've never really gone out from LEGO. Mostly because I don't really know how to model things. With Mecabricks I can build what models I need. And of course, I love LEGO so it's a perfect tie in.

If you wish to reply, please do so in a Private Message, that way we don't make the comments on here really long.
2 years ago
It's live folks! Follow the link in the description to pledge your support!
141 models | 19.3k views
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