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@Masman8675 I can help! Any extra SheepIt! points are welcome. Do you have a time estimate for the render? If it is more than 5-7 hours, you would probably have to wait until the weekend. Then, I can render a frame with a time of 20+ hours!
16 May 2018, 20:55
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16 May 2018, 21:05
Edited 16 May 2018, 22:05
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@Masman8675 Okay. Well, at least I would be helping the competition... that doesn't sound right...

" doesn't really help... I have an i7-6500U 2.50GHz Quad Core on my computer, only problem is, it is rated "unstable". So I turn rendering projects over to other computers.
I prefer to use a non-rendering computer too. I can do a max render time of nine hours on Thursday or Friday though.
16 May 2018, 21:24
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16 May 2018, 21:40
Edited 16 May 2018, 22:02
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Hey guys,
This is not really the best place to discuss this. You can either open a new thread or use private messages. Cheers.
16 May 2018, 21:43
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@Scrubs Sure. I'll open continue this thread with Masman8675 in a PM.

@Masman8675 I guess you already know what I've done (if you read the line above this
16 May 2018, 21:56
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Okay, thanks Scrubs. I've moved the posts to another thread.
17 May 2018, 01:27
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Hi, I just submit my rendering. Something went wrong? Please advise.
First did this but wrong.

Re-try to upload to Rendering. Got this.

Hi, It is okay now. I got it fixed. Thanks.!
17 May 2018, 16:57
Edited 17 May 2018, 17:02
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How do I post a image on the Entry's page, I can't seem to figure it out? (Edit) I figured it out!
18 May 2018, 10:07
Edited 18 May 2018, 20:38
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Check my post on this on page 3 of this discussion.

Edit: Aaaand I should put my own house in order as well. You sent your entry in already, and I totally didn't see it. Ignore the message above, will you?
18 May 2018, 15:33
Edited 18 May 2018, 15:36
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@Scrubs When will the winners be announced?
18 May 2018, 18:17
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It will depend on the availability of the judges. Hopefully next week.
18 May 2018, 19:46
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@Scrubs Thanks!
18 May 2018, 20:14
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If no mistake, I didn’t read anywhere when you will give the names of the winners ?

Update : oups, I just saw the answer once posted... Forget my question
18 May 2018, 23:03
Edited 18 May 2018, 23:04
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Good luck for the judges. It's going to be a hard decision with all these amazing renders.
20 May 2018, 08:23
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@Sim They certainly do have their work cut out for them.

So far, my favorites are Masman8675's, Carlierti's, and MrmoTarius's. I'm not sure how mine will rank up. Hopefully the judges will tell everyone who ranked where (basically they do not just tell the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners, they tell everyone).
20 May 2018, 12:52
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Scrubs can i upload a render with 1223 x 1344 px??
20 May 2018, 21:19
Edited 20 May 2018, 21:20
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There are a lot of awesome entries!
This is really fun to see that we all have different rendering skills

Congrats and good luck @everyone !!

My Top 5 is:
1 - kriegaa (very original)
2 - NGCHunter2 (nostalgic, old glory, love it)
3 - Carlierti (beautiful scene, with a cool color scheme)
3 - Helo (well done, a lot of details and a great diorama)
3 - MrmoTarius's (ultra realistic race scene, I can really feel the speed)
20 May 2018, 21:32
Edited 20 May 2018, 22:00
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Aaaand deadline strikes.
21 May 2018, 00:03
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Wonder who the winners will be?
21 May 2018, 11:32
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