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Digital Design and Rendering contest

A few years ago, I organised a digital design competition based on the Scooby Doo sets. The old timers from Mecabricks may remember it. This year Mecabricks became a Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) which allows us to receive support from the LEGO Group for activities. To celebrate this achievement I have decided to organise a new contest.

1. Goal
Participants shall select ONE of the official Speed Champions cars, build a diorama made of LEGO elements and produce a rendered image of the scene. Only the final image will be judged.

2. Submitting your entry
Image shall be posted in the render section, of the official set the car belongs to. Copy the link and post your entry in the designated Entry topic along with the image.


3. Deadline
Entries shall be submitted by Sunday 20th May 2018 11:59pm UTC. Entries submitted after will not be considered.

4. Summary and Additional Rules
- Contest is open for all digital design tools and rendering software.
- Contest is open to all Mecabricks members except judges.
- Diorama and rendered image shall be made especially for this contest and shall not have been posted before on the internet.
- Only ONE official Speed Champions car is allowed in the scene. Other vehicles may be included but shall be original creations.
- Use of custom decals is allowed.
- Custom LEGO elements are not allowed.
- Scene shall be almost exclusively built with LEGO parts however, none LEGO elements like water, rocks, etc. are allowed in small quantities to make the landscape more interesting if required.
- No part count limitation.
- LEGO logo shall not be used in the image.
- Minimum resolution shall be 1920x1080 portrait or landscape.
- Only one entry per person.
- Entry may be updated up to the deadline. Do not post another entry but modify the image link instead.

5. Prizes
- 1st - 75889 Ferrari Ultimate Garage
- 2nd - 75888 Porsche 911 RSR and 911 Turbo 3.0
- 3rd - 75886 Ferrari 488 Scuderia Corsa
Prizes have been donated by TLG however shipping to the winners is courtesy of Mecabricks.

6. Judging
Three Mecabricks power users will rank the entries according to three criteria:
- Stas: Diorama Build
- Zanna: Image Composition
- Renderbricks: Rendering technic
The entry will be judged and given a score being the average of the three judges on a scale of 0 to 10.
24 Apr 2018, 23:57
Edited 26 Apr 2018, 02:44
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Hi Scrubs,

first of all thanks for this contest ! this is a great opportunity for MB lovers !
There is point I do not fully understand : can the landscape be built of of bricks, or is it only the car that is brick built ? I am on my way yo build a small scene with a brick built road and I'll add some landscaping later in blender, is this OK according to the rules ?
25 Apr 2018, 07:39
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Yes, the scene shall be almost exclusively brick built. It is however allowed to use a few real elements like grass, sand, water etc. if required.
25 Apr 2018, 08:23
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This looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to start building. If I may, I have a question. How exactly do you post the renders? I have been on Mecabricks for a while now, but I still have no clue. Thanks for putting this together Scrubs, and good luck to everyone!
25 Apr 2018, 13:17
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OH YES! Totally entering! Thank you Scrubs and LEGO!

I'm assuming we're allowed 1 entry each?
25 Apr 2018, 15:22
Edited 25 Apr 2018, 15:45
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So looking forward to this! I already chose a favorite car and I'm thinking of ideas for the render. Good luck to everyone!
25 Apr 2018, 15:48
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fictitiouspasta, just visit the model that you have rendered in the mecabricks library. Click renderings, next to 3D view, and upload the rendering there by clicking the "+".

Masman, from the rules: "Only one entry per person."
25 Apr 2018, 16:00
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Are we allowed to change the colour of our chosen vehicle, or must it stay stock?
(Looks like I'm already starting with the car lingo, hopefully nobody will be turned off by that.

@Sim Oops, looks like I'll be going over the rules more thoroughly.
25 Apr 2018, 16:05
Edited 25 Apr 2018, 16:11
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Can we use multiple Speed Champions sets?
25 Apr 2018, 16:40
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1 Goal.
Participants shall select one of the official Speed Champions cars, build a diorama made of LEGO elements and produce a rendered image of the scene
25 Apr 2018, 18:00
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@Sealund Dang. I'm no better than Masman8675 at reading contest rules. Thank you for the response though! (I may never have noticed it...
25 Apr 2018, 19:18
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A couple questions: Do we open one of the linked cars in the editor and build a scene around it, or do we build it from scratch from the instructions? Or would either work? Do we have to use all of the scenery items from the set or just the car? Lastly, do we post our constructed scene to the Library and link to it as well as add the render to the set?
26 Apr 2018, 01:30
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Yes, if you use Mecabricks, you can simply open the existing 3D model of the set, keep the car you selected and build your own scene around it. No need to rebuild the car from scratch (but your are free to do so). Only the car is required. Other items of the set may be re-used but not other official cars.
You can post the 3D scene if you wish but it will not be taken into consideration by the judges.
Hope it answers your question.
26 Apr 2018, 02:35
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@Masman8675 No, official car selected shall be as is.
26 Apr 2018, 02:50
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Okay, thanks!
26 Apr 2018, 22:41
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@Samino I think I was just a bit excited and only skimmed it.

@Scrubs Are we permitted to use non-LEGO materials for LEGO parts? For example, parts used for a road would have an asphalt material/texture, something metal could have rust and such, etc.

If not, that's fine, I just thought it might look really interesting.
26 Apr 2018, 22:45
Edited 26 Apr 2018, 22:49
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@Masman8675 No, Materials for LEGO elements shall look like realistic LEGO materials. However, custom stickers or prints are allowed.
26 Apr 2018, 22:49
Edited 26 Apr 2018, 22:49
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@Scrubs Can we add other cars in the background? (unofficial MOC cars?)
26 Apr 2018, 23:58
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Me too!

@Scrubs So we can put custom textures in our scene?
26 Apr 2018, 23:58
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@oswaldzachary Yes as long as this is your creation.
Other vehicles may be included but shall be original creations.

@Samino Not for the official speed champions car. Custom prints or stickers for everything else are allowed.
27 Apr 2018, 02:02
Edited 27 Apr 2018, 02:03
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