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Interested in doing the decorations for 75968. Probably going to be my next project after 75958 if no one else is on that already.
7 Aug 2020, 01:46
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Going to take on the two other Hogwarts sets 75948 and 75969 so we'll have the whole combined model.
Also considering the 2nd HP CMF series when it becomes more readily available.
26 Aug 2020, 22:21
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I have both these sets (still in boxes) so I can make proper scans of the sticker sheets.
26 Aug 2020, 22:35
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If you want help vectoring those stickers, feel free to send me the scans and I can work on it. Otherwise I can move onto another project
30 Aug 2020, 01:07
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No response on that sticker sheet, I managed to pick up a full set of 71028 so I am going to begin work on the series.
12 Sep 2020, 13:31
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Ok I've finished the 1st half of 71028 which was nice.

I'm going to do 76157 'Wonder Woman vs Cheetah' as a middle project

Then after I'm gonna do the rest of the CMF.
11 Oct 2020, 17:39
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