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@Sealund, awesome!!
23 Jan 2020, 18:42
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Got some sets I'll add to my decoration ToDo list...


70421 - El Fuego's Stunt Truck - completed
70423 - Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 - completed
70424 - Ghost Train Express W.I.P.
70429 - El Fuego's Stunt Plane - completed
70430 - Newbury Subway - completed
70431 - The Lighthouse of Darkness W.I.P.
10 Feb 2020, 19:50
Edited 14 Mar 2020, 18:40
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Awesome. I also bought 2 of the new range 70428 & 70429. Parts are very complex so not too sure when I will get to them.
10 Feb 2020, 19:53
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Ok, as i wrote in earlier post i also have 70428 and planning to make it, working on 70422 right now. Do yo wanna make the decorations for 70428 or should i do them?
10 Feb 2020, 19:57
Edited 10 Feb 2020, 19:58
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@Sealund Go for it
I think I shall concentrate on modeling with 1000s of elements to convert.
10 Feb 2020, 20:06
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...and i just found 70425 Newbury Haunted High School and 70432 Haunted Fairground with a nice price so I just could not resist to buy them. Now I have all the Hidden Side sets, so stickers and minifigs for all sets W.I.P.

70425 - Newbury Haunted High School W.I.P.
70432 - Haunted Fairground W.I.P.
28 Feb 2020, 21:45
Edited 14 Mar 2020, 18:40
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@Sealund: a-ma-zing!!! Is going to be awesome!
28 Feb 2020, 22:10
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@Sealund, could you check the minifig heads in the Haunted Fairground set? Bricklink listed a new minifigure head type: one with a vented stud. Which is supposed to appear in the Haunted Fairground set.
14 Mar 2020, 17:36
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@Sealund, Jack's Beach Buggy is missing 2 stickers

Or are you waiting for the parts to be converted?
14 Mar 2020, 17:37
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@Stephan3321, yes I know, I'm waiting for Scrubs to convert them to get the UV-maps, they are missing in the old system so Scrubs will convert the parts to get the new ones. I think he will do them when he's finished with Gamer's market. (Same goes with the seat on the wing in set 70429.)

And then there are some extra stickers in the set, three small round ones, not sure about what to do with them, any suggestions?
14 Mar 2020, 18:02
Edited 14 Mar 2020, 18:24
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@Stephan, about the new head type, you're right! There is a new head for the two transparent ghost heads in the Haunted Fairground set.

14 Mar 2020, 18:31
Edited 14 Mar 2020, 18:41
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About the extra stickers... they appear to be some sort of replacement for the one on the hood. You could make piece 93604 with those 3 extra stickers? Or something like that.
14 Mar 2020, 18:35
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@Scrubs, if you can find some time, could you create the new minifig head (28621 - Minifigure, Head (Plain) - Vented Stud).
@Sealund: thanks for checking that!
14 Mar 2020, 18:37
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Thank you for the head's up. I didn't know that there was a 4th design for minifig heads. It looks the same as for the newer Friends Heads. I shall try to get the real element to make it right. Not too sure how yet.

For the spare stickers, up to you. Either don't do them or make them on part 93604 as suggested.

Edit: Just noticed that Bricklink is incorrect and heads in set 70428 are of this type. So I already have it
15 Mar 2020, 22:34
Edited 15 Mar 2020, 22:40
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28621 has been added. Index for decorated elements shall be included in the list of 3626. e.g. 3626d1450, 28621d1451, etc.
16 Mar 2020, 00:56
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It seems to me that the transparent ghost heads in the 2020 hidden side sets have this new 28621 head and the 2019 sets have the old 3626v2, which means that we have some of them same prints on both head types, should I add both? Bricklink and Brickset have not separated them yet with different names...?
16 Mar 2020, 06:12
Edited 16 Mar 2020, 06:13
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No. Just choose one. No need to add both.
That was already the case when they moved from 3626 to 3626v2. It would be useless to have both versions.
LEGO doesn't change the name in this case (only ids).
16 Mar 2020, 06:15
Edited 16 Mar 2020, 06:16
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Working on decorations for [ Jay - Hunted (bricklink item no. njo459 ] from Ninjago summer 2018.
15 Jul 2020, 20:18
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Decorations for Jay season 9 completed and submitted.
16 Jul 2020, 19:50
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Didn't know this thread existed until now. Whoops.

Working on all the decorations and stickers for
75958 - Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts
6 Aug 2020, 20:47
Edited 13 Aug 2020, 16:40
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