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in the Missing Parts Topic delete all the answers are done, so it is easier to read.

And can you separate the forum in German and English?

1 Jul 2015, 18:10
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Wouldn't it be weird to have forums for German and English users and to have the other parts of the site available in French and English?
BTW, as the forum is just used to communicate with eachother, I think it would be great to keep the forum just in English.

Soon - i don't know when
- we will be able to request parts using a better way than the missing part topics. Considering that this feature is coming, I think it would be good to keep it like it now is.
1 Jul 2015, 18:22
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I agree that Missing Parts thread is quite messy and also hard for me to use to keep track of things.
Next on my to do list is this dedicated page that I'll code to make the process easier and tidier.

Website interface is currently available in English and French (Italian is coming soon), but for the forum, I prefer to keep only one common place. I know that it can be hard for non english speakers but there aren't too many solutions other than English to keep everybody in the same space. I'm happy to switch to full french if you prefer. It could still be understand by about 300 million people lol
1 Jul 2015, 20:48
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