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I realized that baseplates have their origin in the bottom surface. My suggestion is to move it to the upper surface. That means when opening a baseplate in the model it lies below the X-Y-plane and just the studs have a positive Z-coordinate (clear?). The advantage I see is that you can start building on the grid without the problem of positioning every part a bit higher (along positive Z according to the baseplate's thickness) and you don't have to lower the baseplate first.

Btw.: Would be cool if Mecabricks would become more "snappy".
28 Jun 2015, 15:49
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Yes I understand what you mean. The baseplates currently in the library are legacy from the mecabricks old time. I realised later that it would be better to move the origin lower than the grid by default. I'll do it for the next ones.

I totally dislike the snap function of LDD so something like that will never happen. However, if I find a better solution than the current ref/pivot points, I'll do it
28 Jun 2015, 20:30
Edited 28 Jun 2015, 20:30
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Ok. I actually wasn't thinking of LDD snapping (which I don't know to be honest) but of snap functions of SR 3D builder.
28 Jun 2015, 21:11
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