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how do I put a minifig in a scene
15 Aug 2019, 14:07
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Where is the video tutorial for all of this? I can't see a link to it anywhere
16 Sep 2019, 21:02
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How do I render once I've downloaded the Blender and the Blender Mecabricks extension?

3 Oct 2019, 14:50
Edited 3 Oct 2019, 14:50
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Every Time I put in my creation, the app shuts
22 Nov 2019, 20:20
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My Linux distro updated blender to 2.81 and since then I can't use the addon any longer.
Any timeplan for th new version of your addon?
26 Nov 2019, 06:02
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Add-ons will be updated when the new part system will be in place.
Unlikely to be before the end of 2019. I would think that late January is more realistic.

[edit] For whatever reason, you need to re-install the add-on, then close and re-open Blender. It works normally after that.
26 Nov 2019, 06:29
Edited 26 Nov 2019, 06:37
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Indeed, I posted the same on the thread about the full add-on.
Now I have to understand why Eevee doesn't render transparent bricks properly, for sure it is fast but this transparency issue can't be just a tradeoff, I must be missing something.
27 Nov 2019, 05:45
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Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I've updated to 2.81 and I can't seem to be able to install the newest version of the add-on. It pops up a bunch of errors and ends up not installing.
15 Jan 2020, 20:01
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It is a know issue. Blender Windows has a bug with the API I use. I am trying to fix it.
15 Jan 2020, 20:03
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Awesome! Hoping it will get solved!
16 Jan 2020, 20:03
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It has been already solved yesterday.
16 Jan 2020, 20:05
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When I try to download the new, updated version by adding it to my cart, I get the message "You already own this item." Am I doing something wrong?
16 Jan 2020, 23:28
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If you already have the add-on, you need to go to the page that shows all the products you already "purchased".
16 Jan 2020, 23:58
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17 Jan 2020, 07:25
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Is there a way to turn off LEGO logos on stutds now, as .zmbx export doesn't have such option? It helps during render of big models.
Also now viewport colors are not assigned to materials and everything grey in viewport. Is it a bug or intentional?
20 Jan 2020, 14:53
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This is now a setting located in the option panel when you import the file in Blender

Viewport colours will be added again in a next update.
20 Jan 2020, 18:50
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Is it possible to Import only 1 version of each material so you can easily select parts by their colour (material)?
21 Jan 2020, 07:22
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I have a problem with this new version because when i import a model to blender the model it correctly imported but when i change the viewport shading to material preview or rendered, blender closes itself, I had feelling that the software has a problem but I tried to import a collada file that it does not have these problems.
Someone help me !
22 Jan 2020, 18:30
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@hamid make sure that the render engine is set to Cycles. Eevee is not supported.
22 Jan 2020, 19:04
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Yes , now i can change the viewport shading to rendered but, the material preview the same problem remains.
But i want eevee mode.
and if I import a collada file the textures is not well put.
22 Jan 2020, 19:42
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