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For the past few weeks I've been adding some minifigures to the parts library. However, I cannot publish them. In a similar (but not quite the same) way to the issue described here, typing in the numbers of some newer minifigures results in nothing. No error message, but no field recognition either.

I assume this issue stems from a "get minifigures from bricklink" script of sorts or the fact that they are not completely listed at Brickset, but it's lasted for quite a few weeks with no difference. The issue has so far happened with sh410, sw844, sw841, and sw837 (the last of which has set/year information available on Brickset and Bricklink).

I do not know whether or not this is actually a "bug" on Mecabricks' side (perhaps it is Brickset/link's fault?), but some sort of work-around could be nice. Perhaps at least recognizing the minifigure even if the year/set information is not available could be a solution? winking face
12 Jul 2017, 20:22
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If the minfig has been very recently added to bricklink, it is likely that the mecabricks database has not been updated yet. This is a manual process that I generally do once a month. There aren't any other clean and tidy solutions.
12 Jul 2017, 20:44
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That makes a lot more sense than my theories. Such is the way of theories—they are often wrong. Thank you for the response! smiling face with open mouth I shall try the figures again a couple weeks from now.
14 Jul 2017, 17:13
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